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How To Automatically Skip 'Update Release' Message On ARC Loading?

How can I automatically skip the 'Update Release' message when ARC is loading up, I'm running Auto scripts on a Latte Panda to run a project from power up, and want to auto connect from power up, without having to manually click to skip the Update release message?

I try to have the latest release, but as the releases are changing so frequently at the moment, every time I update a new one gets released, and its such a pain updating on my 32Gb Latte Panda, as I'm doing it on a 7" touch screen on my InMoov.

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Beta version doesn’t have a skip option because it’s beta:)

stable ARC should be out by end of the month
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Ps, because ARC is beta - the updates fix a ton of bugs, so it’s recommended to click the button to update:) . The computer does most of the work. Click click!
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Thanks DJ,

I have the 32gb Latte Panda and for some reason I have to almost delete everything off it to make space every time I do a ARC release update, not sure why as it shows more than enough space available for the release update, but it won’t allow me to do the update until I delete files.
It’s very fiddling doing on a 7 touch screen!!:(
TightVNC is your hero for using the panda on a touch screen lol

as for space - have you installed Windows N? It’s tiny! I installed it on my atomic pi. So much smaller than windows home 

it’s called windows home N. It comes with the windows installer
United Kingdom
Thanks DJ
I haven’t tried Windows N.

I’ll have a go!