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How Do I Interface With This LCD Display?

On the back of my Robot spot I have an 16x2 LCD display. I need to interface with it so I can display information about the robot and what it’s doing. How would I do this with the EZBV-4?  

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Is there a specific ARC function to send text to the LCD via I2c?

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That's i2c, so you'd have to check the manual for it. The I2C commands would need to be sent corresponding with the manual.
DJ, I have connected the to the I2C ports on the EZB V4.  Is the VCC voltage 7.4 or 5V?  I am looking through the wiki to try and understand how to send messages to it.  It has the address 0X27.
I don't know anything more about that display, sorry. All i see is a picture of some i2c and power wires. Is there arduino sample code? You can go from that. I2C is like uart, sort of. You just need to know the comands and use the i2cwrite command
Oh, that isn't very easy. You'd have to write a lot of code to make that display work. All the commands are on that wiki page, but I wouldn't know where to start. I only have used UART displays because they are much more accessible, and you only need to send the text. With the i2c displays, they're much more challenging to work with.

From the code, it looks like you send a bunch of initialization values and then some settings. eak, why'd you pick such a complicated display? lol
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I was initially planning to use a arduino for the project and the library is readily available for this display.  Do you have a UART equivalent lCD recommendation?