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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

How Do I Connect EZB And IO Tiny In One Project - Different Scenarios

How do I connect EZB and IO Tiny in one project? I've exhausted all my ports on the EZB and need to add a IOTiny to gain 3 more ports.  I looked over a couple of older posts and I am still confused how to do this. I want to connect an EZB and an IOTiny in one robot in ARC seamlessly. I'm adding a few scenarios for anyone searching for this info and now will be in one place.

I want to:

1) Use home network to connect both EZB and IO Tiny to ARC

2) No network when away from home with the robot connect EZB and IOTiny to ARC

3) Onboard computer (EZB wired via the camera port) how to add IOTiny to ARC (away from home network)

4) Robot is NOT connected to an onboard computer but rather an external laptop connected via Wi-Fi (away from home network )

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There are lots of options, but if you want to use the same connectivity in all locations, I recommend a travel router configured with the same SSID as your home network.  I use one of these when I travel with my robots:  https://www.amazon.com/TP-Link-Wireless-Portable-Travel-Router/dp/B00TQEX8BO

Only issue is if you are using functions that need internet.  In that case, a MiFi device or tethering on your phone is the best option.

AS far as using multiple devices in one ARC, the connector skill allows simultaneous connection by any means to 5 devices, and you can add additional to it up to 256.

You can also connect as many via the Camera port to as many USB ports as you have.  iOTiny same as EZ-B for setting that up.

1) put ezb in AP (access point) mode. That’s the default mode and the way it sounds you’re currently using 

2) configure Iotiny to connect to the ezb’s AP mode wifi network 

3) connect ARC laptop to ezb AP mode wifi network 

4) in arc, the ezb v4 will be the default ip of

5) in arc, the iotiny ip can be found by using the scan tool and watching for the broadcast
Sorry for the late reply...been crossed eyed finishing up the paint job on the bartender robot.....thank DJ you that is exactly what I was looking for....

@alan thank you for info as well!
DJ.  I never even thought of using one EZ-B as the AP for others.  That is of course the answer (again, assuming you don't need Internet, which seems more and more likely with SaaS based object and Voice recognition, but could be hard to achieve at some events like trade shows where the WiFi bands are saturated).

Yah wifi is surely a problem still. It’s interesting because I’ve converted everything in my house to Ethernet. Soundbars, TVs, PCs, etc..

we used to like the luxury of wifi but now everyone is going back to Ethernet LOL
#7   — Edited
So true. During covid, I have both my children on zoom for school and my wife works remotely also using zoom. Everything was so laggy. The fix? I literally rolled out 3 Ethernet (100ft each) cables connected to the router then up the staircase to the second floor. When it warms up I am running it through my house permanently, because now everyone is saying wow the internet is so fast now!
Same, My 16 year old gamer son was complaining about how slow his internet was so we white boarded it out, moved the router to basement put in a 1 Gig hub and ran cable across the basement floor to his desktop, we then ran a cable up to the living room through the vents and also ran some cat 6 to the second floor pulling out the old coax and using it to drag the ethernet cable up.  We still have a mesh network in place but I back hall all the wifi connections to the hub so they don't have to hop from router to router.
The only wifi I use is my phone and the smart house lights/sockets/thermostats. The rest is wired:) 

so funny how things change! 

although I do have 5 firetv sticks that are wifi still. They don’t give me much trouble. But when they do, it’s a nightmare!