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How To Use The Joystick Control

I'm really having trouble using the joystick control. How do I connect the controller and how do I use the control? *confused*

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avery page has a question mark.if you click on that you get explanation,
some video to.

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First off, make sure you have the drivers installed in your PC for your joystick. Below is taken from the learn section that tells you how to connect a joystick to ARC...


Load the most recent release of ARC

Press the "Project" tab from the top menu bar of ARC.

Press "Add Control "from the button ribbon bar of ARC

Choose the" Miscellaneous" category tab

Press the "Joystick" icon to add the control to your project

If your joystick is connected to your computer after the project has been loaded, press the Refresh button to detect and load the joystick driver.

Once you hit the refresh button and chosen your joystick, it should connect. Then you can choose a "Movement Panel" from the top bar menu and your joystick will automatically control the Movement Panel which controls your robot. You can also use scripts with the joystick control as well.

Below is the link for the whole article for connecting the joystick and a quick video demo.

Joystick tutorial
Thank you so much! I can now use the joystick control.:D
United Kingdom
No worries. Glad I could help.:)