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How To Play Audio Tone

I'm trying to play the tones that in the scripting list like C1,D1,E1,F1 they are at the bottom in script help how do I play them I think it's through a digital port but not sure please help


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I believe playing of tones was removed from ARC and EZ-Script some time ago.


@j_snake I am thinking that the tones are created thru a "command script" and are heard thru the PC's sound system. I have checked the examples in the couldn't find any thing with music notes:( Have you tried to create any scripts? I know Rich has many Script tutorials on this forum. A quick search will get you many I can do for now! :)


@Rich ...Thanks Rich:) I just tried to create a script "G1" as a variable and to say $G1 to no avail....I suppose that means to play a note a person would have to create a mp3 or wav file and add it into a sound board control?!


Those notes may be part of the Roomba code for generating music from the Roombas own speaker.


@ Robot-Doc, you might be onto something...So Roomba("C1") Port (0) have to see what the Roomba owners say! :)

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Roomba commands are; Init EnableSensors DisableSensors PowerOff SpotClean MaxClean DisableAllBrushes MainBrushOn MainBrushOff SideBrushOn SideBrushOff VacuumOn VacuumOff SeekDockingStation

As far as I'm aware there are no commands for the tone on the roomba.

I know it was mentioned a while ago that DJ was thinking about removing the tone control. There used to be a control for a speaker which has gone so I presume the tone command in EZ-Script also went. I assume the references to the tones in the help are left over and have been missed.


The Roomba tone panel is still installed and the notes on the help menu seem to match. It may be used somehow with the send serial command.

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Tones were removed, read this for info.

Roomba tones are not available as EZ-Script commands either. They may be possible using SendSerial() however since no other SendSerial commands are listed (and there could be literally thousands) it seems the notes are the remains of what once was and have not been noticed/removed from the help.

To the original post, you are unable to use scripts and those notes to create tones from a speaker, you will require the PWM method (if it works, I haven't looked at it) or use a sound board. With the V4 and it's on board speaker/sound board the tones from a speaker are now redundant anyway on all new boards (when they are delivered).



If you are requesting Irobot Roomba or Create notes, here are some sendSerial commands.

#plays startup notes sendserial(d0,57600,128,132) sendserial(d0,57600,140,0,4,62,12,66,12,69,12,74,36) sendserial(d0,57600,141,0)

Here is a simple beep with sendSerial to Roomba or Create. #Beep SendSerial(D0,57600,140,3,1,90,32,141,3)

You can look at the Irobot Roomba or Create interface commands for more info. Otherwise you can manually play notes notes as Robot Doc said. I just tried it, added on my current project, maybe not the lastest ARC, and it worked. I went to project, add, robot, Irobot roomba tones. Try the sendSerial, they are more versitile and can be used with script. Steve S


Gotta luv it when a puzzle is solved and other solutions presented! @Rich, @Robot-doc ,@Steve! This is why the community "rocks" to quote DJ :)