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How To Motorize This Head

Hello ,

While i waiting for the ordered kit , i'm already thinking how things can be done.
I've choose for a emilio robot to motorize and make a whole description an blog on
for the most point i've already a idea how i could been done except for the head.
The head can move manualy now , but have no idea how to motorize this .
i've attached a picture of the bottom , where you can see the body and head.
Someone a idea ???

User-inserted image


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Hello helmuteke

nice starter Bot, I would might try playing around with th ideal of using a Tilt & Pan servo System like this :

with the arms I may go with a 4 servo or more action like this:

for the bottom legs, you could go with any design but I would probably go with something like this:

also you could add a large servo to turn the base to act like a torso turning left or right

But the design is your imagination, good luck and happy building

I hope I gave you some ideas to start
Today i received my heavy servo's so i continue with my building and motorize the head of the bot

you can see the Video of it with the construction i made.

But , if servo stops , he keep making noise , i don't have a idea what the problem can be.

someone a solution for this noise ??? ( you can also hear my birds , thats not the noise)

hit release release......or open the auto release and add the servo, one the servo stops moving the auto release kisck sin and kills the noise,
great video!!! great job on the head!!!

Looking good.....
Great job helmuteke... looks awesome!! You might also want to try to reduce the friction on the head and make it move easier if possible (loosen screws....shave off a little plastic...add some gear grease). The friction tends to keep the load on the servo which is why you are getting the noise (there is still tension on it). Release works of course..but you could also see if you can reduce the head friction. I had the same problem with my RAD project.

Again...Looking really sweet...can't wait to see more!