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How To Make My Six March On Spot As Well Marching For Distance?

I m using the Six. I want to make it march like an human using all of its six legs on the spot as well as marching forward. However, I m finding it difficult due to small surface area of the Hexapod feet.


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What problems do the feet give you when you try this?

Unless you are attempting to lift all three legs on one side up at the same time there should be no problems.

I'm not really sure how anyone can assist you on this to be honest.


The Auto Positioner is used for creating movements with the robots. Each control has a ? (question mark) next to the X (close). If you press the ? (question mark), it will bring you to a help page with information on how to use that control. Here is a shortcut to the help page for the auto positioner:

I recommend reading and watching the videos on how it works.


@DJ Sures. I know how to use Auto Position. My worry is will be able to move or will it fall down. @ Rich. I ve managed to make it march on the spot. However, I wasnt able to make it march forward. It was instead dancing on the spot. I want to make 3 legs on left side to move forward together followed by 3 legs on the right side.


@NYP.Shank_95 Have a look at a video on how an real insect walks.... It does not use all 3 legs on one side at once then the same on the other to move forward. It uses the middle leg of one side and the 2 outer legs on the opposite side. Then it reverses it for the next step....

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Your robot will not be able to shift the weight on to one side to achieve what you are attempting. As soon as the third leg on one side is raised with the other two already raised the robot will drop rather than the leg raise.

Unfortunately gravity is quite a tough thing to work around...

You could do one leg at a time without a problem, you could do three legs (one on one side and two on the other) at one time without a problem but you will need one point of contact on each side of the robot.


Here is a good brief description about insect walking gaits: If you happen to have access to pubic library Karl Williams book called Insectronics has a good chapter about it as well.


Hi guys, I just did a random march for my spider six but it doesnt move forward. It marches on spot. Thanks anyway.