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How To Find 0 Degrees Or Zero Position On A Servo

Can someone tell me how to find zero position or 0 degrees on a servo motor?

Also, how do you release power from a servo?

I am working on an InMOOV robot and assembling the arms/shoulders and need to find zero degrees.

Can someone offer what the script commands would look like and also include the command to release the power from the servo when finished with it?

Thanks, Bob Jaconetti


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There isn't a zero position for a servo.... 1 is min and 180 is max... I have built almost 3 inMoovs by the way...

servo(D1,0) # I haven't tried this myself but I heard it will release a servo
#will release a servo


Ok, so what is the script for finding position 1?

I'm a noob and learning how to script and don't want to break parts attached to servo.

Bob Jaconetti


No worries...Very simple

#this command will send servo D1 to position 1
sleep(5000) #pause for 5 seconds
#now send the servo to position 180


Thanks Richard!

Did you post any Youtube videos of your InMoov's? I have the right hand done and moving onto the bicep and shoulder. Just really getting started as I was borrowing a printer and finally bought my own to get more done at home.

Bob Jaconetti

United Kingdom

Just to confirm, 0 (zero) does indeed release a servo.


It's quite a challenge but an awesome project... Keep plugging away at it... Look up "inMoov Bartender" on youtube.... that's mine.... Actually EZ Robot has it on display in the office now...


I have seen that video....WOW what an awesome job you've done. I was quite impressed!

Thanks again, Bob Jaconetti


Thanks... there are more than a few guys who are building (have built) inMoovs on here.... So there is a lot of help for you here if you need it....