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How To Build A Six Using Mg995?


I've trying to build a six, because I've ez-b4 with camera :-) You know it's everything that you probably need it, but not. For me it is not possible to make such a great robot, because it is not possible to power up these kind of servos. Maybe the only way to build this robot is to buy every parts from ez-robot, because there are plenty of problems with current of voltage regulators - always you have not enough power. Of course it is not a problem with ez-b but with "Revolution". For me revolution means - you can build your robot, buing parts like servos everywhere and 3d print the shell. But now, most of compannies manufacturing low quallity servos with lots of current conssumption. It looks like the only way to build something like six is to order all parts from ez-robot, because there are no servos on the market with such amazing possibillities for this price. What do you think, do you know another such popular, strong and accessible servos, that can be used without regulators?


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You can use Mg995 servos without regulators up to 7.4v. People say it is bad for the servos, but I do not agree. Before ez-robot servos, I used 7.4v on all servos without problems.

Buy 2 or 3 extra servos. Just in case one breaks :)


I've just change 3 servos after 1 week with lipo 6Ah Gens ACE 7,4v ;-) They have burned. After that i've try to use 2 of turnigy regulators 3-5 A (5/6v) in paralell, but they have not enough current for servos - brownout problem. I thing yours servos are excellent Man, but what else can I do?


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You can use the LM1084 5a voltage regulator. I would use 1 per servo, if you can. Otherwise 1 per 2 servos "might" work.

lm1084: http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/lm1084.pdf

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MG995s will happily run on a 2S LiPo without a regulator. Reports say they can run on over 9v but I'm not brave enough to try that. I have run them on fully charged 2S LiPos before without issue.

One note, the MG995s are demanding. Two will easily push beyond the 5A limit of the EZ-B V3 (as I found out) therefore I would use one 5A regulator per servo where possible. If you need two servos on one try to think about it logically and pick two servos which will have the least chance of moving at the same time to avoid current issues.


Thank you for very good advices DJ Sures and Rich :-) After a couple of days another servo was broken (it is probably FDS9926A MOSFET). I've also thought about LM1084 regulators but the efficency is too low, because of too much power lost and 12 regulators is too much for the six double shell (with my big acu). Of course DJ servos are the best - it was a good reason to create so excellent construction, but now I want to try to use faulty Mg995 ;-) What do you think of 2 of 6v/15A UBEC regulator like: https://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__6233__TURNIGY_8_15A_UBEC_for_Lipoly.html

6v because of max servos power for this voltage and 30A seems to be good. Maybe 30A can be to small - do you know something bigger - for example 6v/60A - checked and cheap?