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How To Add Leg Servos To Jd And Get Them To Show Up In The Design Pictures

I'm trying to add two more leg servo's to jd . I can add the servo box in the motion control panel but I can't find any way to add the new servo's to the design picture, or how to get the new servo ports in the port lists ?


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If your referring to the picture background, you would need to either take a picture of your robot, or ohotoshop the original.

I'm not sure about what your asking with "...how to get the new servo ports in the port lists " but remember to hit the question mark on the control to view its part of the manual. That may shed some light.
Hi thanks for the reply , I'm trying to add 2 more servo's to jd's legs, like knee joints. I can add the servo box in the action control panel but I can't figure out how to get the servo to show up in the picture with all the rest of the servo's and also can't get the ports to show up in the port list. I just want to add 2 more servo's to the legs.
In the Project tab, click on Design. It will open a window that lets you re-position servos and add new ones to the picture and define which ports they use. Note: This also drives the assembly instructions, so since you are adding servos between existing ones, if you run the assembly instructions tool, things may appear out of order. If this is important, you can to Instructions in the project tab, and click on the Reorder button to move the assembly order of the bits.

Great questions! You should submit an episode request to www.TheRobotProgram.com:)

@thetechguru is correct though. You'll find it quite simple once you start playing around in Design mode. Have fun customizing your JD!
Thanks for the replies everyone, and thetechguru thanks, I understand now, it is a little tricky ) . I'll send this in to the program to see if they want to use it )
This would be a good one for Robotshop. As far as I can find, there is not a tutorial. In fact, clicking the question mark on the control window brings up a totally unrelated help page.