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How Does The Ez-B Connect To Brookstone Rover?

in Dj's video he had the ez-b controller on the rover with sensor. how does the ez-b interact with the rover?


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Check the tutorial page for the Brookstone Rover under Robot Platforms. The video explains exactly how to connect to the rover, add a Movement Panel and add the camera. From the looks of it you don't even need the EZB to use ARC with the rover.


no but he put the ez-b on the rover so it can roam autonomusly.(pardon my spelling)

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The Brookstone Rover Movement Panel is connected via wifi. The other sensors are controlled by the EZB. The Brookstone Rover itself does not connect to the EZB but it all goes through ARC. Add the EZB (with power source or powered by the same batter of the rover if it's capable), and the ping sensor to the rover. Add the radar to ARC. Follow the instructions for the ping sensor to set that up. Add voice recognition and follow the vr tutorial to set that up. You need to look at the tutorials for each individual item.


its cool but wouldn't the ez-b count as a second robot? 1.rover 2.ez-b 3. 4. 5. I really need to know this for my wall-e project.(hint:rover is the base)


No,it controls the ROVER and also uses extra sensors CAN easy do the same for WALL-E project ,have part of the board to control the base other can control wall-e and sensors if you need them

EZB is not a robot it only controls the robot

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The ezb doesn't connect to the rover according to the tutorial, movement is through WiFi and ARC.


YES in the tutorial says that,EZB you add for sensors and servo's to your design

@TECHNOPRO first connect to ROVER in wifi and make shore the wifi shows its connected then open ARC and add brookstone rover movent panel and connect to it

IF dosent connect WIFI might be your problem,like check firewall port is open or WIFI address of the brookstone rover

brookstone rover tutorial


ok so the ez-b doesnt connect directly to the rover but acts like part of it in ARC? (sorry if this is frustrating)


yes,it uses ARC if you study the video ,DJ hows how to connect it,then near the end he shows how to add like radar to it,can add any sensor or servo that EZB supports

it is a good platforrm for robots the ROVER BUT do need a working ROVER , Technopro do you have a good working brookstone rover and WIFI on your computer ,thats all you need. THEN you can add the EZB for sensors and servos for your WALL-E project,and using the sripts to control it.

I told the guy that makes the BROOKSTONE rover and he loves my project and others using it too.