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How Do You Use Tft Lcd Screens?

Im not looking to display computer screen. Just rotate through a set of images.


Nevermind. DUH. I could just use a $5 digital photo keychain and hack it apart.


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Haha, that's a brilliant idea!
United Kingdom

Dont you just love those EUREKA moments .

Here is a solution:
User-inserted image

1.LCD: 1.5 inch digital LCD screen size
2. Formats Support: JPEG,AVI,MPEG-4 etc.
3.Image resolution:128x128DPI
4.Stand-by time:30 days
5.Display time:3-4 hours
6.Flash:32M memory
7.Stores up to 300 images
8.Support multi-languages
9. Additional features: digital clock, calendar
10. Dimensions: 42 x 55 x 11 mm(L x W x H)
11. Color: silver
12. Weight: 2.47oz /70g

Photo/movie keychain

It also looks like you could just cut out a square and glue it right in from the back.
So for something larger get a digital picture frame
It's only for an accent piece. Anything bigger and I'd want it as a CPU display.
Right :). I have a couple 7 inch LCD laying around the house