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How Do You Travel With Your Robot?

I am thinking of taking a trip across the USA.
To see my son who is 3,600 miles away.
Take my laptop with ARC and projects.
Take my tablet with ARC mobile and projects.

Take JD as my traveling companion!

Q1. Will he get through airport security?

Q2. Can I put him in backpack and carry him with laptop and tablet?

Q3. How to wrap / protect him in transit?

Q4. How to get him through customs if I go north to Canada?

Thanks in advance for your answers.



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Dj made a custom suite case by custom cutting sheets of foam for a perfect for an assembled robot. Ive never traveled international but i imagine if you just describe it as a toy and remove the battery you shouldnt have any issues.
Exactly, we have a suitcase that jeremie cut a space out for the robots to fit in foam. He called around and found inexpensive foam from a shipping supply store in town.

I have brought robots on the plane without issue - they've never asked a question.

As for your backpack, maybe you can get creative and cut a piece of foam like we do and insert it into the backpack?

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thanks dj, I will look into that. now back to waiting for my order to ship.


It might be faster and a whole lot easier if you just ship out the robots to your
destination, via UPS, Fedex, etc...first prior to you making your trip. That would at least cut down on the amount of items to carry around to an airport and avoid all
the customs hassles.
RoboHappy, you would think it's a good idea to use a third party service - until you arrive at your destination conference with no robots - and the $15,000+ you spent on flights, hotels, and conference entrance fee is wasted... because you have no robots:)

We have never experienced custom hassles by bringing the robots with us.

The only time we experience custom hassles is when we ship the robots via UPS/FedEx/etc.:)
Since it is something you own and will not be leaving in the country you are travelling to, customs is not an issue. TSA may take a look because of all of the wires, but that will just be an inconvenience of extra screening time. Show that it is a toy, and you should be fine.

I disagree with the removal of the battery that josh suggested. Better to have it installed than separate. If it is installed, it is just like having a LiPo or LiON in your cell phone. Not totally safe, but better than bouncing around free....

Alan is correct. Do not take the battery out of a revolution robot. We are certified to have the batteries in the robots during transport - which is why we can ship robots with batteries installed.
thanks everyone for answers.

plus a photo copy of invoice showing, i purchase jd.

Bubble wrapped my small 3 robots, for a test trip with laptop (samsung 500t) and tablet (samsung galaxy tab s8.4) and chargers.

question travel with small tool kit too?


Chargers are key! I ALMOST forgot my robot charger and I definitely forgot my personal computer charger on this trip to Toronto haha!

I wouldn't say you need to travel with a toolkit, but it's always better to be prepared!