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How Do I Work These Servos?

hey anyone who's reading,

Can anyone please help me with controling servos on ARC . I am new to this program and all the tutorials I can find are for older versions of the softwre.

Any info on how I can my new toy working would be AMAZING.


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How they work remains the same despite software version. The main difference is purely GUI based.

How far have you got with adding a servo to your project?

Have you connected the servo to the EZ-B? Have you added the Horizontal or Vertical servo control yet? Have you found the configure button? Have you configured it?

We are all itching to help newcomers but we need to try and understand how far you have got before finding you need help, it'll save time and help us get you started quicker.

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Thanks rich,

I have gone as far as configuring it but for some reason after that it won't well, move.

I hope thats enough to help you, help me.


So you have a vertical or horizontal servo control but your servos won't move?

  1. Are you sure you're actually connected to the EZB controller?
  2. Are your servos connected to the right port set in the servo control?
  3. have you set the servos in the control for min = 1 and max =180 (180 is for the EZB4)... If your servo control shows 90/90 as max and min the servo won't move from it's centre position

Thanks guys

I got him working... I may or may not have had the servos connected the wrong way round.