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How Do I Use Sharp IR Distance Sensor?

OK, I have some standard sharp sensors on the robot both Horz and Vert. I have no servos on them. When I do a scan with the radar, it scans, but it doesn't show the red dots. But, when I hook a Meter or Graph, it sees when I put something in front. But, no red dots. That is weird. The Ping units show the red dots also.

Sorry if I did not word this correctly.


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Sharp sensors are different than Ping sensors. Are you using the right control?
I selected sharp radar and also sharp distance sensor.
What model sensor do you have ? Some sensors are digital with on off signal on the digital channel. There's analog distance sensors too , can you post you model number with picture so we can rule out a incompatible sensor?
I don't remember. But, it is the standard one. it has a 12 in the model number like Gpsd12 or something like that.

I have the same issue as MovieMaker. Also with the GP2D12.
At least I am not alone in this. That makes me feel better. To know that it is not my imagination.