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How Do I Use Ping Radar Control?

I must have a bad board, I cant get the radar to work or the ping sensor to work, i've tried different ports and to no avail. That bums me out cause everything else works, what do I do?

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It wont be the board that is bad if everything else works. All problems generally lead back to user error in one form or another.

How have you wired the sensor up? Can you post a photo of the sensor with the wires soldered to it? Which ports is it connecting to? Which ports have been set in ARC? Do the lights on the EZ-B turn on? Does it connect to the PC/EZ-Builder?


I didnt solder them, as you can see I have a 4 wire lead just like the ones they send but with 4 wires, then I used jumper wires to make sure they went to the correct spots, ,I checked for voltage at the ping sensor and there was voltage, and I know the servo was working and I had a connection User-inserted image

Check it out and tell me what you think, I am 100% positive all the wires are making contact. I double and triple checked, I know I am doing something wrong, I just don't know yet, lol
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The good news is your EZ-B is fine. If the servo moves then everything is fine with it. If there was a problem it wouldn't connect or it would blow the fuse.

The bad news is I can't make head nor tail of where the wires from the ping sensor go to. While it's unimportant (although personally I make a priority to do it) the colours are all wrong. But provided they are connected to the correct places on the EZ-B it doesn't matter.

Ground should go to a Ground pin on one of the Digital ports. This is the closest pin to the chip. VCC should go to the VCC pin of the port above. This is the centre pin. Trig should go to the Signal pin of the port above. This is the pin closest to the outside of the board. Echo should go to the Signal pin of another port. This is the pin closest to the outside of the board.

So if we assume D0 and D1 are being used. D0 will have; ground to the ground on the sensor (left pin on your photo) vcc to the vcc on the sensor (right pin on your photo) signal to the trig on the sensor (middle right pin on your photo)

And D1 will have; signal to echo on the sensor (middle left pin on your photo)

In ARC add the radar control under Ultrasonic Click on the gear icon to set the settings Select the correct ports for Trig and Echo User-inserted image

Another way to check would be to add the Distance control under Ultrasonic and set it up with the correct ports. The display should change when you move your hand in front of it.

If you still have problems check the jumper wires for continuity.


ok, I do that, I dont use color match wiring, I would be forever looking for the right color wires, I just know in my head what is going where and double and triple checking to make sure. But because those jumper wires aren't fool proof when inserting them into the modular plugs I am going to take your advice and check it out another way, Thanks for helping me out, I don't mean to be a pain in the butt. But I am greener than green in this field compared to you. so thanks again