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How Do I Move Camera Up And Down?

Hi there. Just got the EZ - Robot and i've run into an issue. When I turn the robot on, and move it around the camera servo is making a wired noise and im not sure how to move it up or down. If someone could tell me how I can move the camera servos, it would be great. Thanks.


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Which robot do you have? I would start by taking the tutorials in the learn section for your robot. They don't take long and you'll have a much better understanding of how the robot works and any answers we give will make more sense.


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Also, in the project, I have edited it so I can move the camera with the Vertical servo and Horizontal servo. Is there a way that I can have it so it looks like arrow keys that go up for moving the vertical servo up, down for moving the vertical servo down, left and right for the horizontal? Like the HBridge PMW Movement window? Also, I have accidentally removed one of the windows from the project, how can I restore it to default? Thanks.

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In case you haven't read it, here is the tutorial for Roli. When you go through the different steps in the tutorial, be sure to mark them as completed so we know that you've read them.

.) A few things to check are to make sure the servo wire is not tight and not catching on anything when it moves,

.) check that he screw that goes through the white lever and into the servo is not too tight,

.) The servo is connected correctly to the EZ-B,

.) and be sure that you have calibrated the servos correctly (covered in the tutorial).

Just to be clear, is it just the tilt (up & down) servo not moving, or is it both the pan and tilt servos? Also, what sort of noise is the servo making?

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I just saw that you posted again while I was writing.

So you now have the servo working using the servo controls, is that correct?

You cannot change the appearance of the horizontal and vertical servo controls, but you can make arrow buttons in the mobile interface.

To get the control you removed back, you can re-download the project again, or open another instance of ARC, add the Roli project again, and compare the two to see what control is missing, then add it back (also adding any of the settings needed for whatever the control is).

EDIT: Just to add, there is another way to get the deleted control back, as long as you have NOT clicked "Save" on the ARC project. Close the project clicking on the red and white cross (top right corner), and when it asks you if you want to save changes, click "Don't save changes", then once it closes, open the project again. Then you will find that the deleted control is back in place.


Add the plugin "Click Servo"... When active you can click on the camera image itself and the the camera servos will move the camera where you clicked...


This gets a little more advanced, but you can also create simple scripts for controlling the camera, and then use a keyboard control and assign the scripts to different keys.

On my Roli project, I added a Joystick control and the right control on my Logitech wireless game controller is used to aim the camera.