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You can use a basic horizontal or vertical servo control or try the below in a script..

#Code is for an EZB4

servo(D0,180) #D0 or whatever port you have the servo on...
servo(D0,150) #move down a little
servo(D0,180) #move back up


Open speech rec and on an empty line type in the left hand line (box)... Say hi wall e ... Now in the box (line next to it copy my script and paste it into that box. Now when you say "Say Hi wall e" it will execute my script and hopefully move the servo on D0 back a forth...

User-inserted image


I still don't really get what this means do I have to paste all of this in the box? servo(D12,180) sleep(500) servo(D12,150) sleep(500) servo(D12,180) sleep(500) servo(d12,150) sleep(500) servo(D12,180)


Double click on the box... it will open and an empty script will appear... It will have numbered lines... paste it into there

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


The servo positions may need to be adjusted... I just assumed 180 was when Wall e had his arm up... 180 could be when his arm is actually down so you would have to use maybe this instead

servo(D12,1) #D0 or whatever port you have the servo on...
servo(D12,30) #move down a little
servo(D12,1) #move back up


Thank you soooooooo much Richard! My wall-e waves now you are the best! I had no idea how to script until you helped me learn thanks again Dante


You're welcome Dante... feel free to experiment with my code (change things) and see if you can make wall e do other hand gestures or movements...:)

United Kingdom

Auto position would be the easier method, and for other actions.

Set up the frames, the software joins them up when actions are created. ControlCommand to call the action to start and viola, nice smooth movements:)


@Rich... You're absolutely right, but I got the sense that Dante is either new at this or is a young kid (no offence if I am wrong)... I wanted to try and keep it simple for him to get him up and running...