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How Do I Delete A Trained Object On Jd Robot?

I trained JD to recognize my nose by accident and need help deleting the trained object i.e my nose


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The only way I know how to delete an object is to delete the "camera device" control from your ARC project, then add a fresh "camera device" control back to your project.


Lol yea - the delete option is on my list. I should move it higher in the todo priority. Thanks!


Hi There

Thinking laterally, it seems to me that the main problem is to avoid JD recognizing your nose. You could :

a) disguise your nose with some kind of nasal insert b) wear a mask c) always face away from JD

Perhaps options (a) and (b) could be included in the developer's kit ...

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Lol, perfect! Thank you for solving my problem / no longer need to add the feature.

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Kinda reminds me of the joke about how a dog with no nose smells...:P