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How Do I Connect This 2 ? Don'T Wanna Blow Anything Up

Hi All,

OK. I have searched the forums and everywhere..But I couldnt find the example of how to connect these 2 item together...

I think its called a 32 servo controller... Where does the wiring connect to and from? User-inserted image

User-inserted image

Really sorry if it has already been posted somewhere but I just couln't find it. Thanks in advance


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It assumes you have set the SSC-32 for 38,400 baud. It is connected to URAT port 0 with ground and TX on the EZB. On the SSC-32 you connect to ground and Rx.

Note: EZ-Robot is not a manufacturer of this third party hardware device. . Nor is ezrobot responsible for the operation of this third party device. For operational questions, it's best to consult the instruction manual for operational instructions.

Adding this control to your project will connect ARC or an EZ-B v4/2 Wi-Fi Robot Controller to the SSC-32 servo Controller. The Virtual servo Ports, labelled V0, V1, V2... V31 are used to move servos through the SSC-32. The configuration menu on this control will allow you to specify the baud rate and how the SSC-32 is connected.

This control allows servos connected to the SSC-32 to be used in Auto Position, Camera Tracking, WiiMote, Myo, and all controls where servos are used.



Thanks but I already read all of the above earlier and didn't find the wiring tutorial...

The wiring connection.


This is not a lynxmotion SSC-32 board... It may function similar but you will need the spec sheet on this board in order to be sure on how to use it properly...


Wiring tutorial?

Pretty sure all the information you need is there, can someone please correct me if im wrong? confused


Richard R said:


This is not a lynxmotion SSC-32 board... It may function similar but you will need the spec sheet on this board in order to be sure on how to use it properly...
I share the same opinion, is not a SSC-32 board

@NEWAGETOMY: Do you have one ? Are you sure is a lynxmotion SSC-32 "clone" ?

@Jimbo: What are your expectations ? Do you expect a "Plug&Play" device or are your familiar with EZ-Script ?


@PTP Do i have to have one?

I think its obvious what Jimbo's expectations are?

Read Jimbo's question again-ive cut and paste it for you- "Where does the wiring connect to and from?"

Thats his question leading me to believe he simply wants to power it up, thats his expectation.


Looking at the replies, I am assuming only either a lynxmotion or clone will work with EZB..Is that right?

And I also, PTP, I am sure its a SSC-32 board, except maybe its not lynxmotion.

I am also not expecting plug n play... I am sure I should be able to figure out the script later cos there is a tutorial on it. Just how to connect the SSC-32 board to the EZB. Plug to white connector on EZB? Plug to black connector on EZB? Does require power?

As newagetomy mentioned earlier above, TX and RX and GND... all new to me cos I already fried 1 EZB and 1 EZB camera. Don't want to fry anymore parts...

I am new to this so some help would really be nice

Thanks guys for chipping in on your thoughts so far


@Jimbo Without the spec sheet for that board (unless it is an exact copy of a Lynxmotion SSC-32 including it's firmware) there is only guessing from here on... Logic says this, however: (2 wire connection)

EZB4 signal pin (on any port) or UART TX pin to RX pin of your board EZB4 Ground pin to grn pin on your board...

You will also need to add power to the board separately for the servos.

Without the manual and specs for the communication protocol (again unless it is an identical copy of a Lynxmotion SSC-32) you're probably not going to have much luck with it...


There's only one way to know if it's a compatible clone. Simply follow the instructions that you've already been provided. Here's a link AGAIN:

Click on that link. That will bring you to the ARC control for the SSC-32. You do not need to script anything, ignore Richard's tutorial. There is absolutely no scripting necessary. The SSC-32 is compatible with all servo controls in ARC when the SSC-32 control is added to the project.

Again, the link is:


Thanks DJ,

Unfortunately, the link still takes me to when the board is connected.

How it's supposed to be connected is the question..

I assume the SSc32 TX goes to EZB RX and RX to TX Vice versa...

GND to GND and 5V? Right?



Check also the tutorial: EZ-Bv4 Datasheet.pdf page #2

You will need to manage 3 different power sources:

A picture to help visualize

User-inserted image

If i my ask, why you need a servo board, EZ-B can handle 24 servos (Port D0-D23) ?


@Jimbo... see post#9 and read carefully... 2 wires are all you need to connect the ezb4 to your board.... (also see PTP's diagram)


@ptp If the board has an on board 5v regulator you maybe can do without 5V to VDD. You can probably use servo power for logic as well... However I would check that carefully first since we don't have the spec sheet for that board...



Thanks so much for the diagram. Now I get it.

Also, I am building a INMOOV robot so not enuff ports.

After my first EZB burnt, (No warranty from my Local distributor), I bought another 3 EZB's so in case another one gets burnt, I have spare. I know I can use 2 EZB's for my INMOOV but I am planning to build the BB-8 robot after this so I am gonna need the EZB for that.

Richard, I will be using external servo power that will not be connected to any boards. Only signal and GND from servo will be connected to the boards.Cos some servos are 6V and others are 7.2.



Yes, i had the same idea, but i found the manual, at least one of them ....

When you think about that ... you never know who was the initial/original manufacturer.... if the manual / documentation is accurate etc etc


Page 21:


VCC, can only be connected to 5V

The circuit expects 5V from USB or 5V from the VCC, can't be both connected otherwise "kaboom" :)

So even if the OP manages to share the power source between servos and EZB, he still needs 5V to feed the board.


@jimbo... If you can't get this servo board to work my recommendation is to just use 2 ezb4s (or more) with inMoov for ease of use and much less complication....


OK. Thanks so much guys