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How Do I Change My Email

My email is wrong. It needs to be sca@carpenburymed.com. Cant seem to fix from my end. Any help I can get or can you wipe the username and let me start again as I want to keep the user name. Thanks


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Never Mind - found work around. Thanks
United Kingdom
You might be able to do it using the drop down menu at the top of this page, click on your user name, then select "Your Settings" and change it from there. I tried doing it on a phone but didn't work.

Failing that, you can use the contact us link and the guys at the office will be able to do it for you.:)


Forget the above post. I just saw your second post and see you managed to change it. Glad you found a way to do it.:)
United Kingdom
Steve, the email address is unable to be edited in your settings.

If you must change the email address you need to ask EZ-Robot if they can do it. They may not be able to, in which case either create a new account with the correct email address or regain access to the email address previously supplied.
United Kingdom
Thanks Rich, I stand corrected. I've never done it myself, but seen my address in a text edit box and assumed it could be changed. (that's why I added "failing that" ). Anyway, looks like Carter1 has it all sorted now. ;)

PS. Welcome to the forum Carter1. How did you do it in the end? Maybe it could help others who have the same issue. :D
How does 1 resolve an issue? Selecting the resolved by person does not seem to do the trick. Even after selecting submit. May be there should be a button near the "This Issues was resolved by"