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How Could I Use Ez Face Detection In My Vs Application

Hello everyone especially @ptp,

I need to know how to use the ez face detection method in my vs app

i try this code but it didn't work

ValuePair vp = (ValuePair)cbVideoDevices.SelectedItem; camera.StartCamera(vp, pictureBox1, 640, 480);


all I need is to use ez face detection as emgu face detection doesn't work with ez camera , even i try to implement it on my jd camera it throw an exception that it can't implicit emgu quary frame to ez camera . get current bitmap

also i try this code

            ValuePair videocamera = (ValuePair)cbVideoDevices.SelectedItem;
            camera.StartCamera(videocamera, pictureBox1, 640, 480);


            //Bitmap bmpImage =;
            //if ( == null)
            //    MessageBox.Show("Error");

            //wait 10 seconds for the first camera frame
            Image ImageFrame = null;
            EventWaitHandle startEvent;
            startEvent = new EventWaitHandle(false, EventResetMode.AutoReset);

             //   Bitmap bmapImageOutput =;
              //  pictureBox1.Image = bmapImageOutput;
                //ImageFrame = new Image(;

            if (ImageFrame != null)
                Image grayImage = ImageFrame.Convert();
                var faces = grayImage.DetectHaarCascade(facedetection, 1.4, 4,
                          new Size(20, 20))[0];
                foreach (var face in faces)
                    //draw the face detected in the 0th (gray) ch
                    ImageFrame.Draw(face.rect, new Bgr(Color.Blue), 3);
                    Bitmap c = ImageFrame.ToBitmap();
                    Bitmap bmp = new Bitmap(face.rect.Width, face.rect.Height);
                    g = Graphics.FromImage(bmp);
                    g.DrawImage(c, 0, 0, face.rect, GraphicsUnit.Pixel);
                    MessageBox.Show("Showing Image in PicBox2");
                MessageBox.Show("FD Code didn't RUN");
                pictureBox1.Image = ImageFrame.ToBitmap();


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please use the code format tags before and after your c# fragment code, it makes a huge difference when reading code.

The EZB SDK method:


is very similar to the :

ObjectLocation objectLocation = _camera.CameraCustomColorDetection.GetObjectLocationByColor(

How to start:

  1. you will need to get familiar how it works inside ARC. There is at least one tutorial: but there's more information/help inside ARC (i.e. Blue Question mark in controls)

  1. EZ-B SDK example c# code has a project: Tutorial 11 - Color Vision Tracking

which uses the CameraCustomColorDetection.GetObjectLocationByColor

I think if you master the above two points (ColorDetection) you can do other camera Detection methods.



I just open visual studio and is really very simple to detect a Face.

private void CameraOnOnNewFrame()
            this.pictureBox1.Invoke(new EventHandler(delegate { this.pictureBox1.Image =; }));
            Interlocked.Increment(ref this.fpsCounter);

            if (this.fpsCounter == 1)
                var objectLocation =;
                if (objectLocation.IsObjectFound)
                    WriteDebug(string.Format("Face detected at H:{0} V:{1}", objectLocation.HorizontalLocation, objectLocation.VerticalLocation));


the code runs every 1 st video frame per second.


@ptp Your consistent guidance helps me to increase my potential in work . You show the path of brighter world , which makes me able grasp my aims . Thankful to dear Boss ^_^



Thanks for kind words, but do not forget:


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you are using a EZ-Robot software, it's very important to get familiar with the "user" tool, before embracing the SDK, some functionalities are easy to see working in the ARC side, there are a lot of tutorials, and posts where you can learn more.


I've updated the source code

to support EZR Face Detect.

User-inserted image


The camera.GetCurrentBitmap() is only available within the CameraOnOnNewFrame() event. Because until CameraOnOnNewFrame() is raised, there are no images to "get".


Also, there's an update to the sdk today - which includes some performance enhancements to the video:


thanks @DJ Sures alot for ur replay

@ptp would u contact me on my email or send me ur email I've made it using haar cascade & i want to share it with u & to get ur feedback of it would u give me that chance please . my email (