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South Africa
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How Cool Would This Be For A Moving Base?

I just stumbled upon this while I was supposed to be working... *blush*

I think this would rock as a moving base for your bot! My biggest concern starting with a wheeled bot, was accessibility to stairs, little objects on the floor etc.

This would solve most, if not all of those concerns!

ThingiVerse 3D Printed Mars Rover

With three weeks on the ground at once, that design would have a difficult time turning - if at all.
South Africa
Yeah, I reckon it can be improved, but I love the idea of overcoming small obstacles without any need for direct input!
I believe the actual Mars rover the front wheels turn rather than having differential drive, which overcomes the turn resistance issue, but would be a more complex design.

In the video, it seems to turn very well but there may be some clever editing when it comes to climbing stairs. Nevertheless, a really neat design which I would be interested in but I can't print!

Have a good day

Hurray for the rocker bogie system!