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How Can You Add Google Inquiry?

I was wondering if you could add a feature like Google Assistant to ARC so that you could ask your robot any google facts, make schedules, etc. The only thing I can think of to do is just buy a Google Home, install it on the robot, and try to match the voice. I am very new to this and apologize if this sounds basic. Thanks!


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Not sure when this will be commercially available, but see




Also, Google just opened up an API for Google Home, so likely someone will make an EZ-B plugin.



Utilizing googles sources for AI s a goal of mine. Hope to do developing with it early next year.


Thanks guys. I am just going to convert my old Samsung Galaxy S3 to act as a Google AI device, then match the voices for JD Humanoid and the Google Assistant as closely as possible to fake it.


That is a good short term solution.

When I finally have time to learn enough C# to write a plugin, one of the first I am going to do is duplicate the ARC sensor stream function that can use all of the sensors of an iPhone but for Android, so I also will have an old Android phone in my robot. Using the AI to make it a personal assistant will be bonus.



Alan, Have you seen this SuperDroid Anna, or its sister AVA?

2 awesome droids that use a cell phone. He has also developed his own AI "Lucy" that I use to be able to access but for some reason the URL no longer works.

check it out is and awesome read.



Looks like AVA has EZ Bit arms and grippers. No EZ Robot though. All arduino. :(