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How Can You Add Google Inquiry?

I was wondering if you could add a feature like Google Assistant to ARC so that you could ask your robot any google facts, make schedules, etc. The only thing I can think of to do is just buy a Google Home, install it on the robot, and try to match the voice. I am very new to this and apologize if this sounds basic. Thanks!


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Utilizing googles sources for AI s a goal of mine. Hope to do developing with it early next year.
Thanks guys. I am just going to convert my old Samsung Galaxy S3 to act as a Google AI device, then match the voices for JD Humanoid and the Google Assistant as closely as possible to fake it.
That is a good short term solution.

When I finally have time to learn enough C# to write a plugin, one of the first I am going to do is duplicate the ARC sensor stream function that can use all of the sensors of an iPhone but for Android, so I also will have an old Android phone in my robot. Using the AI to make it a personal assistant will be bonus.

Looks like AVA has EZ Bit arms and grippers. No EZ Robot though. All arduino. :(