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How Can I Manipulate Ez-Builder And Other Windows?

Hey guys.

I am currently working on a form of EZ-Builder artificial intelligence made in ez-script. I was something I wanted to attempt to show the extent of ez-builders capabilities.

1)I want to, however, minimize EZ-Builder in EZ-Script while letting the scripts continue to run. Is there already a way to do this? If not, FEATURE REQUEST!

2) I would also like to find a way to avoid having the "wait for speech" window pop up, and just run in the background. Any way to do this?

Thanks for any replies. This might be a little advanced.

WBS, if your still listening; I have a question about that program you wrote that you mentioned a few posts ago.

I'd like to run a program outside of EZ Builder and have EZ trigger a function inside this other program. For example; This other program is able to speak the current time and year in my robot's voice (the actual B9 voice actor's recorded voice, smiles Tufeld) when I click a button with my mouse in it. Can your program let me use EZ Builder to listen for my question "Robot, what time is it" and then trigger that other program to tell me the time by clicking that other button? If so would you be willing to lend me that program and instruct how to use it? When you have time of course. I'm really in no hurry.

I know EZ Builder has this function already built in but I cant use my robots unique voice files with it that I know of. These other files are built into that other program somehow. I do have access to the raw voice files that went into making this time feature in that other program though but I have no skills in writing a program in EZ Builder that would let me use then like this (answering the current date and time when asked). :)
Dave, use the plugin. Minimize ezbuilder and move the mouse with ezscript commands to click on the buttons. http://www.ez-robot.com/EZ-Builder/Plugins/view/37

Or, easiest way is to download audicity and record the audio of each button. You can record what comes out of the soundcard directly. Add the files to the soundboard.
Cool, Thanks DJ. I'll have a look at doing this. I was also thinking of trying to use AutoHot Key to get that other program to run the time request.
Dave, are you still running Windows 7 or did you upgrade to Windows 10? I have not been able to get Autohotkey to work with Windows 10. I have read and tried everything and it just won't work for me. The EZ-B remote mouse plugin does the function I needed it for however.

Alan, That's good to know. I am using Win 10. That would have sucked to have wasted my time trying. Hopefully they will do an upgrade to work with Win 10. I know there are a lot of people that like to use it. I'm using it on my Virtual Pinball table to automate a lot of start up tasks. Someone else wrote the script but it works great on my machine.

I'll look at the Mouse Plugin. It may be just what the doctor ordered. Thanks!:)