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Not native to ARC, but the SDK could be used to develop an app that would set a variable within ARC when an email arrived. Another option is to setup something that dropped the email into a file, and the ARC app would look for the file and read it to you.

I am afraid that it would all be custom development work and that the email client that you are using would have to be a consideration. If you were using Outlook, that is one thing that could be done. If you are using a webpage to access your email, that would be a completely different deal.

If anyone has done anything like this on here, I bet it would be Rich. He might have some ideas.


POP3 client in C#

Something like this could be tied into being able to tell if there is a new email. The issue is that there are so many formats available for email now. For example, emails can come in clear text or HTML, contain attachments or enbedded links and pretty much everything else.

This could be used to at lease connect to the server, and do something (like set a variable in ARC) if there were a new email received.

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The quantity of emails I get my robot would be constantly telling me I have a new email.

It's been mentioned and discussed previously however I do not know which topic it was in and searching for the term "email" doesn't exactly make the haystack that the needle is in any smaller.

There are methods, as @d.cochran has mentioned, which could be used but natively it's not something which is supported by ARC. The method used would depend on the email account (pop3/imap), the email client (outlook/thunderbird/web based etc.) and what you want it to do with knowing you have a new email.


All I want it to do is tell me that I have new mail nothing ells if it also reads it or any part of it then others in the room know what it is so I just want it to say you have mail

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Why not just have the email client open on the PC which controls the robot? That will notify of new email...


I have Hotmail and only use a web browser to get it I had the outlook program but that caused way to many problems like never getting my mail because the program always deleted them from Hotmail and would never show them properly


Depending on your email provider, you might be able to get emails, or email notifications in an RSS feed, and use ARC's RSS feed reader to alert you.

(deleted my link since it wasn't working and others have been posted)



ARC can get info from a wed site so it should be able to do the job I just don't know how to code it for getting info from a site there is an example I seen awhile back but it did not give any info about it or how it works or how to use it at all


I will be dealing with rss feeds in a later post and an rss feed should never be able to work with email or any one could get your email with out you ever knowing about it and that would not be good at all lol


posts keep taking me to some other location for some reason. decided that it would be best just to past the link.


Note: This feed is only available for Gmail accounts on Google Apps domains.

straight from the site I sent you.

Might not work.

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RSS feeds can provide you with secure information and can be made so that not just anyone can receive them. Saying that anyone can view any rss feed is incorrect. The feed url would have the required username, password, api key, etc. in it.


If security is the concern, I would develop an app that would use pop3 or Imap to access the server and then update a variable that would tell you that you have mail from within ARC.

My parts from EZ-Robot should be coming in soon, along with the parts to complete the 3D printer build that I have going on. I will be tied up for a while with these. If I get some time soon, I will do what I can to write something to handle this for Gmail. Don't hold me to it, but it could be cool. I, like Rich, get a ton of emails (about 2,000 a day) so I probably wouldn't use it for fear that the wife would kill my robot, but I could do it.

I will try to do hotmail for you. just give me a bit of time to see what would need to be done. Im not promising anything other than that I will look at building something to handle it. This weekend I might have some time.


Ive never herd of a secured rss feed :S I never use gmail at all it is one of the most unsecure email systems out there I only use hot mail I have a gmail account but never use it and never add it to any of my stuff as it gets all my stuff if I do photos vids every thing and posts it for all to see and there was no way to set it so it would not do that

I made that mistake before lol

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What makes you say gmail is less secure than hotmail?

Just an FYI, in the past I have managed to access more hotmail accounts without knowing the password than I have anything else (I have a past, I wasn't always a good guy... nothing I'm proud of though).

Gmail/google is pretty damn secure, especially these days.


I will try to do hotmail for you. just give me a bit of time to see what would need to be done. Im not promising anything other than that I will look at building something to handle it. This weekend I might have some time.

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FYI secure rss feed urls look something like

If you are interested in secure or authenticated rss feeds google brings up a lot of information about them.

However, that probably isn't the best method for getting your robot to say "you have a new email". Running an app which will periodically check the server and report the info to ARC is your better option.

But if it is just a notification there are apps which will check hotmail and fetch the emails/notify you on new emails. Hotmail uses pop3 (, just make sure your email client doesn't remove the email from the server on download if you don't want it to.


@Rich its not the account getting hacked that is the problem with gmail if you have it on a cell or other devise and you take a photo gmail instantly shares that photo with everyone and there is no way to stop it onless you remove the gmail account from the device afew months ago that was a MAGER problem for me and the only way I could stop it was to remove the gmail account from my cell That's what gmail is about .... the sharing of info they may have changed it but after my experience with it I will never trust it

@D.cochran I would really appreciate you looking into that for me when you have time thank you

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Dude, learn to read instructions and guides. You can turn off the photo sharing. You can turn on and off pretty much everything.

I have a google account set up on my phone, I have my photos automatically upload to my photos (which I had to enable as it was disabled as default). These photos are not shared with anyone unless I enable public sharing.

This is how it has always been. I was one of the first to have a gmail account back before they started the invite only gmail, which was before the currently free for anyone gmail account. I had android phones since before they were android (google phone). Your experience with google seems to be due to failure to read instructions to be honest.



Sharing Photos through Google+ has nothing to do with Gmail other than that they both use a Google account, and photos are not shared automatically unless you tell it to do so. They are saved to Google+ and you can choose to share them, and this feature is very easy to turn off.

I think you are confused.



I will allways look at my email on web never on an app Apps tend to mess up emails and not show correctly plus if you have an app down load an email any one that uses your computer or looks in the folders can also see the email that's one of the reasons I stopped using outlook plus with an app downloading emails it also downloads and viruses that came with the email I learned that one the hard way It cost me a 10.000$ network server :'( lol


Google+ is gmail and it sounds like they changed it still I will never use it lol

When I had gmail every photo I took was shared rite away with out me knowing till my mom called me about one once 10 minutes after I took it sure glad it was only a wildlife shot but still that ended my gmail days right there they may have changed things for the better but I still will not trust it

Now I only use hot mail and only on a browser

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With the utmost respect you seem to be lacking in even the most basic knowledge of PC security.

Apps have never messed up any email I have received - I receive 2-3000 emails per account per day and have 6 accounts receiving emails over 2 PCs, 2 android phones, 1 android tablet, 1 iphone and 1 windows tablet. I have 27,328 unread emails in my primary email account, these are only the past 3 months (to be fair most are from EZ-Robot)

Web mail came after email. Prior to the "invention" of web based access to emails you required an app to download and view email.

Any file, folder or user account can be both secured with passwords and encrypted. This prevents unauthorised access. Some email clients also allow the use of password protection before they will open.

Anti virus software is advisable in all cases.

No disrespect meant but I would highly suggest you (re)educate yourself.


@Wolfie.... I like you dude... I really do, but you're digging a hole here for yourself.... Time to let it go... Rich and Alan have probably forgotten more about this kind of stuff than most of us will ever know....


"Google+ is gmail" No, it isn't. I second Rich's suggestion.

I like and respect you, but your assertions about how computers in general work, and security in particular are ill-informed.



I take it you never used the app called outlook express on your pc that's the main app im referring to it is BAD it download every thing never shows the emails the way they show look and saves every thing in folders on your computer

When I dealt with it I was living with a web security msn agent we both used it and learned about its problems at the same time needless to say we did not use it for long

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Every suggestion made is responded to with some kind of reason (that doesn't even hold true) why it wont work and complete disregard to very similar suggestions made by multiple different people.

I hope you find solutions but I am unable to help further I'm afraid.


I used Outlook Express on a personal computer for many years. It was not without its problems and certainly should not be used today where so much mail is HTML formatted since it hasn't been updated by Microsoft to the current standards, but it worked as documented and designed, and you could configure it to leave email on the server or delete when retrieved (or delete only when you deleted locally - worked better with IMAP than POP3, but that is true of any client).

That being said, there are plenty of good email clients, particularly if your email provider supports IMAP.



Maybe im just best off to not post on here any more and just go back to only reading or at least till my communication skills improve

Thank you all for trying to help:)


@Wolfie, app is almost completed. I am testing it now. Unfortunately I will not be able to complete it tonight and tomorrow will be busy. I should have it for you this weekend. Look for a post.


Not trying to chase you away Wolfie, just the last few days you have had several questions and then argued with the people answering you, without having accurate information to back up your arguments. Gets a little frustrating, but we'll get over it.



umm no sorry not several questions just this one and im sorry if im leery about programs and stuff that bit me in the past I did say right at the start that I don't use gmail and why but ppl kept harping on me about it

my other posts was about new feature request and there was no arguing at all just a discussion about the features and how they would work is all

I even reread them to see the arguments and there was none :S

so im sorry if I "frustrated" you or anyone It will not happen again

please delete this thread


No Wolfie, Alan is right... you posted more than one question and a few requests.... If we respond to you it's because we are trying to help.. Perhaps you should be gracious...?

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@Wolfie, I don't want to discourage you from posting or asking questions however I am unable to offer help if you instantly dismiss ideas, suggestions and advice based on 10 year old software which is no longer even offered let alone supported by the minimum OS capable of running ARC or from being ill-informed.

I don't mean this to come across in the wrong way and I mean no disrespect by it at all but I genuinely feel that you don't really know as much as you think you know and that is a recipe for disaster. I used to work with a woman like that and the problems she would have were all down to her thinking she knew what she was doing, from bad practice, outdated information or from a general lack of knowledge and the refusal to accept that.

Take this topic for instance, there have been 3 or 4 solutions posted which would work with a little bit of time spent on them and no updates required to ARC or no apps written to interact with ARC however you have dismissed all of them based on outdated software issues or a general lack of knowledge or incorrect assumptions.

Let's not end up with another situation where a user refuses to accept advice and suggestions due to lack of up to date knowledge, we are all on the same side after all:)


No I posted one question and 2 New Feature Requests one of the requests was posted as a question by mistake thanks to my internet crashing on me at the wrong time and I even stated right away that it was not meant to be a question and yes I AM gracious and grateful for any and ALL help I get but it really frustrates me when ppl don't read before they reply:(

enuff said im going to bed good night or good morning or good day whatever it may be where you all are

I will post again after my get my ez-b v4

and thank you all again for trying to help this old wolf


hey old wolf.

I would use this code for email, but you need to tweak it to connect to mail instead of weather.

for mail, just search for pop3 Hotmail, .net

i found one for gmail here

you can likely change some code around to connect to hotmail instead of gmail.

As far as your privacy /security statement: Both hotmail, Gmail (yahoo and others) all funnel your data to government agencies (NSA, IAO.. Etc) . Microsoft (hotmail) actually pioneered this.

All that data is available to contractors who are not govt employees.

For hackers who don't have access to a series of quantum computers at their disposal, you would be safe with gmail or hotmail. (in the past ive seen hotmail breached very often). Furthermore, you can set up settings to only access your email with dual verification, and in some places restrict which ip addresses to allow access.

With that being said, you will need a copy of visual studio to get this running. the idea would be to run a program on your computer which grabs notifications. If a notification is obtained, use the script from the first link, to send to ARC as a speak command.

Hope that helps


I will be working on an email program for ARC this week...

Please post any suggestions you might have here... thank you.


what are you using to develop it


this was developed already in .net. the code is on my website if someone wants to change or improve it.

download here

I wrote it specifically for this one request and only tested it with hotmail. I dont use it, but did test it for a couple of days. It could definitely be expanded upon.


nice.. if there is already a solution I will focus my efforts on something else