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Holidays Are Coming.

Doing my shopping now. Trying to keep aside some money for any new Synthiam announcements. Might anything interesting be coming up? If not from you but a particular product that you are about to offer support for. Love to have something to start working with over the break.

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United Kingdom
#1   — Edited
I want to add my vote on this request - nice Xmas presents at reduced prices would give Santa a special thrill . Lol... ps and available in uk ( eBay , shop or amazon but from uk not shipped)
Where are you located ?
Hi Perry, do you have another project planned? are you looking for a new project?
United Kingdom
I’m in England- uk
That is obvious ... is in your profile:) can you be more specific e.g. London, Reading, Cambridge ...
United Kingdom
Wolverhampton - West Midlands -
Nothing in particular, toying with a walker of some sort but open to all. Been building antweight battlebots lately. Always looking for something new.
Ah Ok, most people pick a toy of some kind and hack it up into their own custom robot version. I am always cleaning out my closet if you want a toy bot to hack up.
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We've been working with EZ-Robot on the IPS, 8x8 RGB and i believe a few other items (not sure what off top of my head). They won't be manufactured before christmas, however. The manufacturing takes quite a bit of time once the product is submitted into the queue. Feel free to reach out to ez-robot via their contact page on the website and inquire. They might have a better idea of when those hardware products are available: https://www.ez-robot.com/About/Contact-Us.aspx