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Hobby King Ez-B Cameras $10

If you are in US they have cameras in the warehouse (With plastic Shell) for $10.

If you are in Canada you will get hit with all sorts of customs and charges I believe.

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Thanks, just ordered 2!
how is that possible ,10 dollar for a camera ?we have to pay 70 euro here in belgium.this is not fair.

belgium cam
Well I've ordered a couple (from hobby king) 2 months ago when they were cheap and they never showed up. Hobby king responded with a "tough beans, the order is lost. not our problem" . Maybe they just take the money and don't ship anything.? That's a good way to make money.
Won't be ordering anything from them again.

Don't worry Nomad 6R, even when you live in Canada and order from ez-robot we have to pay in US dollars and shipping from China and all the import fees and DHL handling fees. You are not alone.

thanks for telling.
@3dGuy It can take longer than 2 months to get anything from Hobby King... also remember Canad post continues their rotating strikes...
I will be the first to admit hobby king can be hit or miss but they have refunded me in the past when stuff didn’t turn up or they put wrong qty in box. I have also snagged a few good deals. (Don’t fall for their store credit if products don’t arrive though, ask them to put the money back on the credit card).
This is weird, I posted the HK link a week or two ago in Mac's thread, as I bought 2 cameras from the EU warehouse for 10 euro each, but back then they were out of stock in the US warehouse. Apparently they replenished their (US) stock, while they are selling them at that price? i would have thought this was a clearance sale.

As for Hobbyking, Ive been buying there for about 10 years and spent more there than I want to know, Im platinum level many many times over :). Never had problems that werent fixed by customer support, my only problem with them is their horrible, terrible, agonizingly slow website.

@nomad you can also buy them for belgium from the EU warehouse (which is in the netherlands) for 8.8 euro:

edit: link doesnt work, but just select belgium from the drop down and then the EU warehouse will show up.

Shipping from the "international" warehouse (which is Hong Kong) can take weeks or even months, and you may have to pay import taxes and VAT. But from the EU warehouse, its been anywhere between 1 and 4 days for me.
I just checked back looks like they are out of stock again (I ordered 2 and it cost me $29 USD for shipping to Canada) I think the last time I ordered from US warehouse I was hit with customs charges, probably $30 or something on top of this. So my 2 $10 cameras will probably cost me $40 each at the end of the day :-)
I ordered one. $18 with shipping costs. It has been tendered to FedEx and is scheduled to arrive on Dec 12th.

thanks for telling.out of stock.
Read more carefully. Its still in stock in the european warehouse:

User-inserted image
Mine arrived yesterday. It looks good. Thanks for the heads up on this.
GRRR. I'm glad yours showed up @ZAP.  I'm now at week 10 as of today.
You guys know it’s free shipping on ezrobots website, right?:D
Just did and order and got free shipping but I thought that ended on Nov. 30?
I don't see it advertised anymore?
But then again these old eyes aren't what they use to be ... lol.
Herr Ball - it's a secret:D
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@DJ Sures   well, even so....$18 is still a lot less than $60.

Actually, I was going to take advantage of the free shipping to buy an IoTiny, but it looks like the checkout system is broken.
We had the store offline during a migration - but it's back up earlier today:D
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also free chipping to belgium today?and will these also availeble in store?