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High-Precision Indoor Navigation System For Autonomous Robots

Has anyone tried this navigation system before? Would other pings used for object avoidance interfere with this system?

High-precision (+-2cm) indoor navigation system for autonomous robots and systems (indoor GPS)

Indoor GPS Navigation System


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I also saw


Estimote Beacons
. They work thru Bluetooth to plot points. I am not able to investigate it today, but maybe another opportunity for navigation?

Ron R


Depending on the size of the area that you want your robot to stay in, this could be an option. Before you go too far with spending money on it though if you want a whole house solution, you need to calculate what that is going to cost. I would estimate that my house would need about 26 wall attaches devices.



Yeah. To have them in every room would be expensive. Do you think that other pings that I am using for obstacle avoidance would interfere with this?



Hi Andy, I will take a look at the Estimote Beacons. Thanks for posting.


@Richard R

OK thx. Must have missed that one.


Yes, I think that the pings from these could interfere with pings being sent out from the robot for object avoidance.

If you wanted to use these, I would look into IR or vision solutions for object avoidance. If you do that, then you might as well do a SLAM approach and not use these. This is the path my logic went down anyway...


I have some estimote type beacons on my keys and in my wallet. They are pretty short range. They will tell me if my items are close or not. You have to be in the same room as the items for it to get even close to working and right by the item for it to say it is near you.

These are good for finding an object but I wouldn't say they are good for navigation.


I guess that these could be used to tell you what room you are in, but that's as far as I could see these being used.


Room ID is a very important item for sure. Thanks for taking the time to post on this topic. I will wait a little longer before I buy any more stuff.

I hope DJ will release something soon for robot mapping/navigation.


@ rgordon,

Thanks for the post. I hope Dj and Dave's ideas will come to be soon.

Ron R