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No. but it looks like they just added a circuit board to a gear motor.. i wonder if it would work for mobility without having to use a saberthoot?


It looks like a servo, I just don't know where the pot this just a geared motor with a motor driver? That's why I'm asking if anyone here have used it...curious


hmmmm that is really interesting! Ive never seen one like that before... I wasn't sure if the pot was just under the middle of the board as if its attached to the outer drive shaft?

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This would be good for my astromech as well so I am curious too.. is it possible to ask the guy selling them? If its just a motor and gear box attached to a pot this would be pretty easy/cheap to make


@robot56 I use a dc window motor with a homemade hbridge and a pot to drive both my robot's shoulders. They cost under $50 to make. Works well, I'm just looking at my options