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High Power Motor Controller.....

Hi everyone, I have two Basic stamp Parallax high power motor controllers (HB-25). I would like to use these with the EZ-Bot, but was wondering, are they compatible with the EZ-Bot? If so, is there a certain way to connect them to the EZ-Bot? I need a high power motor controller to run a couple of strong DC motors that will be pulling at least 8A continuous, at 12v DC, and since I already have these HB-25, which can handle 25A at 12v continuous, it would be great to use them with the EZ-Bot, if possible. Thanks

Description of HB-25 motor controller

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How much those cost? Where are they from?
It does seem that they should work just fine
Connect a servo port from the EZ-B to B, R and W
Technically you should be able to get away without using R a it is not connected or used.
B is GND
W is EXT
R is 5+ even though it is not used

Connect Vin to another power supply of +12V
and GND to the power supplies GND
Hi. Just a followup. Did the HB-25 controllers work with the ez-robot board?
Yes, it does work. It has been a while since I used them, but you simply connect them to any digital port, then you have to use the servo movement panel. Choose the port you have them connected to, and change the stop value to, I believe it was 35. From what I can remember, anything above 35 was forward, anything below 35 was reverse, of course it could be the other way around. You may need to play with the values to fine tune it, but it did work for me, and they can handle a lot of current flow.

******Oh, one more thing, you need to remove the jumper that is on the HB-25 Motor Controller, for it to work with the EZ-B.*******

*******Each HB-25 that you use, needs to be connected to its own digital port, to work with the EZ-B, they will not work, daisy chained together, like you can with the Basic Stamp Board.*******
Thanks. I just received two hb-25, plus the 7.2v wheel set from parallax, yesterday. Goal is to build my own frame.

Ez robot board should be in sometime in the next week or two. I ordered the 2.5 amp motor controller, as a backup.

Didn't order the kit, just the board, as I don't really need the servos and such. Figure I will be kicking myself for not ordering the camera from EZ. Hopefully there is an alternative.

Can you expound on the jumper? Is it obvious which one it is?

Sorry for the delay, but yes, there is only one jumper per HB-25. It is the jumper that is normally used to daisy chain them together. When used individually, you are suppose to use the jumper, *** however, with the EZ-B I found it works without the jumper, and did not work with the jumper. Remember, each HB-25 needs to be connected to its own digital port on the EZ-B.