Hi, I'M New To EZ Robot And Re

Hi, I'm new to EZ Robot and really enjoying it so far but I've hit a wall and need help. I have connected an IoTiny to a Ubtech Alpha 1s and used the plugin to successfully control the servos. I have a couple of questions. I've set the min & max positions for each servo on the servo control but I can exceed these values in the Auto Position control. Is this correct? Also, I've created a few frames but when I jump from frame to frame the servos don't always go to the correct positions. Any help is appreciated.


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If you set the min and max in an init script instead of in servo controls, then all controls obey the limits.   Not sure about the frame issue unless you are just not giving enough time before the next frame executes.


Thanks for the ultra fast reply. I'll haven't tried the scripting yet so I'll give that a go. The positioning is wrong even when I first boot and jump to the first frame. From reading what others are saying it look as though Auto Position works really well so I think it's my setup. My servos are all connected in serial through one virtual port. Could this be an issue? Also, I understand that the plugin may not have had a lot of testing so could that be an issue? Thanks again.

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The servo control values are for THAT servo control. Click on the word "SERVO" anywhere in this question because they're all highlighted to read how a servo works and how a servo control works.

Check out the "Set servo Limits" section at the bottom of this manual page:

The command you want in the INIT script to specify servo positions globally across the entire application are...


SetServoMin (servoPort, position) Set the minimum limit that this servo can ever move to Servo position is between 1 and 180 Example: SetServoMin(D14, 40)

SetServoMax (servoPort, position) Set the maximum limit that this servo can ever move to Servo position is between 1 and 180 Example: SetServoMax(D14, 100)

Here's an example from the JD project that makes the left gripper not move further in either direction globally across the software.

# Left Gripper
SetServoMin(d6, 30)
SetServoMax(d6, 90)


Thanks DJ, I'm very new to this (literally days in), I'll give this a go and hopefully move on to the next challenge.


You're doing quite well considering it's only been a few days - awesome work :)