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Hi Hi! Need To Know (Push Button)

Hi Guys,

I honestly am going to buy the ez-robot kit, but need to know 1 very important (to you simple, to me noob not) thing

Is it possible to add a push button (you buy from electronics store) to the kit?

I need to make two servos move in one direction when you press the button, and then when you press it again, the two servos move back into their initial position.

Much appreciated,

Can't wait to recieve my package:)

:) confused

PS: Basically I'm using the kit to make my cosplay helmet's faceplate move up, and then back into original position, but cannot use the awesome features such as wii mote control or logitech controller as I would not be able to fit them anywhere.... Thank you so much


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Yes you can add a pushbutton to the EZ-B's digital ports I believe. Just like you would to an Arduino. And then using ARC you can set the function of the button using a simple script.

*Someone else should check me on this I am new to EZ-B platform and not 100% sure

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Yes, it is very easy and even can be voice activated . However, remember you need a pc also. EZB is not a standalone controller.


I'm using the ADC ports. Feeding the 5vcd right from the 5vdc EZB pin that's in line with the ADC pin through the switches, when the switch (or button) is opened or closed ARC will see the change in voltage and run the script you want to run.


Thanks for the answers guys!:)

Leaves me with more questions though....

Hey hhammoud, does that mean I can't take the EZ board on its own, stuff it inside my cosplay helmet, and then run it off the AA batteries? (Installed standalone in my helmet, press the button and be awesome?)



Basically I want it to do this, when I'm outside and wearing the suit, with just the batteries and a push of a button.

Just need your confirmation before I send my card details.:)


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Don't forget the EZ-B needs a PC too, it's not a stand alone piece of kit.


Hi Rich,

As in you need a PC to programme it? Or you need a PC just to make it do the actions and MUST have the PC at all times?

I have a laptop (typing on it now).....

Thanks so much, I'm confused now.

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Must have a PC at all times. Laptop is fine. Just make sure you have made allowance for the PC in the suit. Onboard Mini ITX boards are often used on robots, you may need to adjust the suit a bit to fit one on it, or just have one nearby. The EZ-B connects wirelessly via bluetooth (as standards, however can be upgraded to wifi, USB etc.)


Or can I use my smartphone as a replacement for the pc? To control it? confused

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No you can't use a smartphone at the moment.


It's on the way but for right now all you can do is use telnet server.

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Telnet will only control the EZ-B, it'll still need a computer and if he is using a push button then telnet is redundant.


We expect in the near future there the IPhone is and android ARC app will be available. I'm waiting on it myself for smaller projects. As for now like rich said use a computer of some kind like a windows tablet, laptop , netbook or even onboard mini PC.

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Looking at the functionality required for the IronMan Helmet ? Sorry to say it , but i am wondering , do you need that intelligent setup to do this? unless you have other functionalities in mind to go along with in the future .... using full armed suite , voice commands , special Lighting and others.


Well, I intend to first do the helmet with auto faceplate and lights.

Then if possible voice commands to open it and close.

Then in the future just for kicks, put a small drone heli with fake missiles.

Awaiting the android/iphone app:(