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Hi Everyone. I Already Have A Question ;)

Hi everyone, First, I am completely new to DIY robotics (but interested for a long time) and it is the discovery of EZ Robot (and its community) that has decided me to take that step... As you can imagine, it is most probable that I will have questions, doubts, and therefore need for help:)

I have just received my EZB kit, open it and tested it... I am very excited... but the deal with my wife is: "it is a Christmas gift, so you don't touch it before Christmas".... So, in the meantime, I have decided to take down my U-Command Wall-E to see how i will handle it. And then, i have met my first difficulty: i don't find a way to remove the wheels from the motors. I don't know if there is a hidden screw or something, and i don't want to break something in the process. so any advice at this (really early) point will be appreciated. Here is a picture :

User-inserted image

Thank you all and a special thanks to DJ Sures for his great robot kit and EZB

By the way, I am French (nobody's perfect ;)) so maybe my English will sometimes be limited to make myself clear, so don't hesitate to make me reformulate my questions if needed.

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Hey there, welcome on board and that's a great start. To take the wheel off simply drill a small hole in the center of the wheel and using a philips screw driver to remove the hidden screw inside, the wheel will come off easily. Btw your English is fine!


Thank you very much for the welcome, and the solution, Louis T. I thought about this hidden screw, but didn't dare look at it.... I think i will have to take more risks if i want to progress in my first project.

I have taken a look at you Wall-E and it is really impressive, as many projects presented here. I will certainly be inspired by them, but there is still a long way to go...


Welcome! It's ok to be French.;) We don't mind nationalities at all as EZ-B knows no borders.:) And your English is MUCH better than some english speakers I know.:D

Louis T's Wall-e is the envy of a few of us. Maybe one day I will ask him to make the head he did for me!