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Hi Everyone

I just found this site a couple days ago. This controller and kit look really great, I excited to build with it. This is exactlly what I have been (without much luck till now) looking for to build my robots. Something easy to get up and running and to build on later. The only problem is my wife and family have banned me from buying anything like this for the next 2 months. So its on my christmas list. Waiting for the lit is going to be as bad as waiting for the new blackbberry

My mind is running wild with ideas to build with these kits I might have to get two :D.

Anyways I'll be reading the fourm and wondering around looking at ideas here.

Rural Geek

Soon my robots and I will take over the WORLD.....

Well maybe the basement..

If my wife let's me.


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Lol thats great , Welcome to the EZ Robot Community

So what are your robot ideas? You can always stop by the projects section for build ideas. - Josh S
Thanks guys.

Well I am starting with the idea of a mobile base and work from there. I'd like to get it to the point with the mapping to navigate from room to room and carry a payload, like laundry. Also I would like to make a 6 axis robot, sort of like the Fanuc's I work with at work. I have seen the kits they have out there but they are either to small or to much money. I know if I build it, it will be as bad as the expensive ones but I can do it a little at a time and have some fun. I'd like to configure the video on the arm to do a simple version of the 3d vision on the ones at work.

This is a little of the ideas in my head.

Plus it will help me learn c programing. So much fun to be had ahead.:D


This is a great product you have here with a great looking software.

Rural Geek

"Today I have been surprisingly productive and focused. But its early and at anytime something shinny could jump out and distract me."