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Hi And What Have I Gotten Myself Into!

Hullo everyone, my name is Helena. I am a complete noob in every sense of the word. I am one of those perpetual students (I know very little about a lot).

Actually came by the robotics thing by accident (like everything else). I am into cars and motorbikes. Then my imagination was captured by RC cars etc, and then I thought... hmm how cool if you could make them do anything you programmed into it.

However, I have been trying to wrap my head around resistors, capacitors, circuit boards etc... and now know enough to embarrass myself should anyone ask a question. In other words, its still all elementary. But I found its really fun.

Then there is programming. Sure I have some skills as a graphic designer in this field (though could not be called a programmer or even a developer)... you see where I am going.
I still want to learn this stuff, but then I found this site.

Now what to do? My kit will arrive eventually, where do I start? I was thinking maybe one of my 'crawler' cars would be a funky platform for a robot. Or one of my tanks. But then I started reading about other peoples projects and thought.. where are the noobs? Where are the clueless? Where do they start? Do I have to buy another robot to make a robot? Would it be impossible for me to make one from scratch? Any other noobs out there?



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WOW. what a fabulous community! Thank you all very much, you are all very inspiring and generous. I see I am going to be spending a lot of time catching up with all your projects before putting pen to paper to design my first bot. (That sounds so cool doesn't it? :D)

I would be a good idea to look around. By the way... do you happen to be female?

Yep. Me girl.:)
Woo hoo... Another girl. BTW we are the only 2....
WHAT? How strange. You would think that girls would get into something this fun! Well Samantha, now I am very happy to meet you! Tired of being the only girl that does interesting things.
Yeah I figured there's at least be a few girls. But no, they even called me Smurfette of EZ-Forum. Hahahhaa....

Well I believe (no offense guys) that when women get into robotics full force (I know there are a few), we will bring a new life to it.

Well if you want, you can email me samantha.foy@gmail.com, I'd be happy to chat with you about your ideas. I am a handy/crafty type.

Here are my projects:



Thank you! Already have ideas! And I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw your robospapien mounted on something else (I have a bid on ebay for one - and I thought it would be a good body on top of a tank or rc crawler - so that it can zoom around...) So I am REALLY interested in Unnamed. Emailing you now.
cheers Helena
Oh yeah he's gonna be my dude. I can't wait. I am getting close, have been waiting for my batteries which came today but I missed them. Ugh...
He is AWESOME. But yeah... he needs a name!
OK, first noob stupid question...
Can I make a hive mind type bot? E.g. A fast moving carrier bot, with little bots (obviously limited to the size of spare controllers) inside that come out and each can do different things. I saw that you can control up to 5 bots with one gizmo - but can you set them for different functions? Or am I just getting so far ahead of myself that I should pull my head in?

And as this is bluetooth, how can I extend the range - in case I get UBER ambitious and use a large RC helicopter instead? How do I marry my RC controller with the bot controller? Cars are only 2 or 3 channel, but a copter can be up to 5... Or in this case would I have to pre-program functions into the little bots so that a controller is unnecessary?

Just thinking that if this is doable that I need to order more controllers and start setting up one of the rcs and also pulling apart toys that will fit in it.

Ok, I will go back in my box now.
ARC allows for use with 5 EZ-B controllers, one application for five devices. If you plan on using all 5 devices while running ARC just take note that you may need a lot of processing power from your computer to keep the devices running properly. The bluetooth is speced for 30ft and there are plenty of forum posts about exchanging it with a better ranged communication device. Most go with Xbee as the replacement and I know there is a post on the forum that goes into great length of how to replace and what devices you need to do such. Forum Thread posted Here. As for remote control I know you can use the xbox controller and wii remote interfaced with the EZ-B, this will take extra hardware to alllow for the remotes to communicate with your PC. However, DJ does not have anything in ARC to use RC remotes with various channels, not to say you couldn't look into programming your own application using the varous languages acceptable with the EZ-B.dll file thats available.

Another problem I see with trying to control multiple bots with the same ez-b is that, for example the servo must be connected to the ez-b via a wire.

Now the bluetooth doesn't go very far, I'd say mine wouldn't even got 10 feet without loosing connection. That's why in unnamed he will have his own computer.
helena if you need any free help on robot designs or electronic designs ,i can do
electrical engineer for over 20 years and building robots much longer
most design here are too easy for me ,but a lot of fun
so should be able to make some great robots and have fun doing it
Thank you all! And thank you Robotmaker! You people are awesome.
I have to say this is the first place I have come to, knowing nothing and having nothing but grandiose ideas that no one pooh poohs me for them but instead suggest how to go about it. You people can teach other forums a thing or two.

Ok, so I have to look into XBee and going wireless to replace the bluetooth and wires from servo to EZ-B.
I am going to make a whole lot of drawings etc. And then robotmaker I will take you up on your offer!

Samantha that is a good idea, it wouldn't be that hard to cobble together a little computer together from the squillions I have lying around in pieces - though now I am thinking that the first bot I make will have to be quite large (so we go back to weight / power / control)....

I am going to be quiet for a while while I think about this. Thank you all again.
Thank you! That is awesome information. I am going to get on it!
kickstarter is where i got my mind control software from to control and move robots by you mind using EPOC EEG headset

from at XBEE style joystick controller it going to be high price
just to back it and get one with payment is $179,so when ready to sell as a kit will be close to $250 to $300 i think

also on the software for the mind controller i back it for $25 pledge ,so may be $50 or under,and its ready to buy ,its called ROBODANCE 5,it also controls many robots already and more get added
hey helina when you make your first bot you should post it on here i would be so happy to see the robots you make :)
thanks guys.:)