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I see it works on your PC. I did not have sound on my Android device using EZB3. Steve S


hi steve

i use only the android.maybe its normal that it dont work.i dont know. i put some extra sounds in.


Patrick, The EZB3 is different then the EZB4. The 4 has built in audio on the board. Running the mobile App on my Android produced no sound, and I could only connect to BT on the EZB, could not use my BT speaker @ the same time. I am glad you have the sound you like on your PC. Steve S


yes i know that. but chould my android not play the files whithout an controller?


I suspect that the sound files are stored only on the PC and not loaded into the APP download.


ah that would explain averything

United Kingdom

The android device doesn't output the sounds. The PC soundboard is unavailable in the Android app.


ah that sais it all

thank you all