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Helping Students Get Involved With Robotics

Hello everyone! My name is Colin. Thanks to EZ-Robot and their excellent ARC software, a good friend of mine and I have recently teamed up to start a business and now has enabled us to help get students interested in robotics! We have started off with one of our local schools and currently have four students. We are having them each build a robot and then program them using ARC. The school also wants us to help in their robotics club, which is currently lacking interest. I'm sure the EZ-B and software will spark interest and get more students involved. Below are a couple pictures, more on our site under the Local Schools tab or click the link below.

Any comments or ideas to help get them more involved are welcomed!

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awesome , I don't know if kids today know what there getting !

I wish we had a robotics club when i was at school.

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That's great. I wish more kids round my way were interested in robots but I looked in to it a few months back and the interest isn't there at all.

At least I have my nephew interested which is something I guess:)


That's awesome that you can bring robotics to students. My kids are homeschooled and a few years ago I started teaching them about robotics and started with arduino. When we found out about ez-B and bought some controllers and the camera's and it opened up a lot more possibilities than we imagined. I think ez-b is what students should be introduced to. Ez-b made robotics fun again.


@Hais, I agree, I didn't have an opportunity like this when I was in school, which is why now I'm glad to be able to create this opportunity.

@Rich, I hate to hear that there was not much interest in robotics over there, it would be great if more could realize how much easier it has gotten to create your own robot compared to years ago. So much more can be done at this point in time.:)

United Kingdom

Well I only checked the immediate (25 mile) radius of where I live. Further afield there may be interest but I wouldn't be able to get there. I'm hoping that Tony (@toymaker) will spark up a whole lot of interest when his EZ:1 and EZ:2 hit the school circuit.

Well, actually I'm hoping that when I've built a pretty robust, small(ish), robot that can work anywhere (i.e. has on board ARC) and get my nephew to play around with it with his friends that there is a small surge in interest:)


When I was in high school (30+ years ago), one of our physics teachers (winner of multiple awards, including national teacher of the year) built a full size R/C R2D2 with the help of a couple of advanced students.

They took it to all school events (dances, assemblies, etc) as well as community events, and just had it wandering the halls whenever he had some free time.

The following year, he offered an after-school robotics class, and we filled all 20 slots and had 15 wait listed.

Just getting out there with a bot that can interact with students and show them what is possible will boost the interest. You just (and I don't mean to imply it is a small thing. Lots of time and effort) need to get out there and get a cool robot seen by enough students that their interest gets grabbed.



Wow, this is great to see! I shared your story with everyone at EZ-Robot. It's stuff like this that rewards us for our hard work. Thank you very much for sharing and taking the initiative to work with children. Preparing them for the future of robotics is very important.

Thanks again for sharing!:)


same here.great work colin.


Great to see someone my age interested! When I showed my wall-e robot no one in my age group was interested... I'll get them this year!

#10 5 years here in belgium i found 2 people who are interested in robotics.thas all.


@thetechguru, That is a good idea, we will be going to the school's robot club this Friday, so we will be taking a robot with us to start things off. This way they can see a working robot in action and that will help generate interest.

@DJ Sures, Thank you for sharing this with everyone at EZ-Robot. The exsistence of EZ-Robot has enabled us to create this opportunity for children to get interested in and learn robotics.

Thank you everyone! This is a great forum to learn from and help out one another. We will be posting more as we progress!