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Help With Tutorials For Ez-Robot

I just got my EZ robot kit to use with my students at school. When we followed the tutorial steps 1 to 19 to learn about this kit, we find that steps 12,13,14,15 and16 have the same video and text as step 11. I think there is something wrong with the site. Does anyone can help?



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United Kingdom
You're right, it's showing the same for me too.

The ARC Manual covers all controls.

Every control has a question mark next to the close X button. Pressing the question mark button will direct you to a tutorial page for the respective control.
Sorry, they are place holders that we added a few days ago. They will have information in a few more days:)

We're just a few guys with too much on our plate:D Sometimes you'll catch us in the middle of development.

PS, do not double post please:)
Thank you for the quick reply. Sorry about double posting. I am very happy with the kit and your support.


Thank you for the info about the manual