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Asked — Edited

Help With Sendserial To Roomba & Create ?

Trying to understand SendSerial and duplicate Roomba & Create Movement
Panel with my own understanding of the EZ-Script Commands.

Everything functions perfectly with DJ Roomba Control, NOTHING works with mine ?

Attached is my EZ-B Project File.

The EZ-Robot Kit is G R E A T !

Thank You ! DougPope@cox.net, 602-246-1246(H)

SendSerial(D0, 57600, 128 132)
SendSerial(D0, 57600, 140 0 4 62 12 66 12 69 12 74 36)
SendSerial(D0, 57600, 141 0)

#Vacuum On
#SendSerial(D0, 57600, 138 7)

#Vacuum Off
# SendSerial(D0, 57600, 138 0)

SendSerial(D0, 57600, 140 3 1 50 32 141 3)

SendSerial(D0, 57600, 140 3 1 90 32 141 3)

SendSerial(D0, 57600, 137 0 200 128 0)

SendSerial(D0, 57600, 137 0 0 0 0)

SendSerial(D0, 57600, 137 255 56 128 0)

SendSerial(D0, 57600, 137 0 200 0 1)

SendSerial(D0, 57600, 137 0 200 255 255)

SendSerial(D0, 57600, 137 0 200 0 129)

SendSerial(D0, 57600, 137 0 200 255 127)


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here is another link on if you need the hacker or not
the date code is under the battery

info on osmo hacker dates

DOUGPOPE i re-read your first thread and i see it works with EZB roomba control
so may be you dont need the hacker it may just be the code,without trying you code i cant tell.

by default all roomba's are 57600 baud rate
here is the SCI manual that says it
baud rate can be change to 19200 it depend if the micro (ezb) cant handle 57600

roomba sci manual pdf

and RICH the 115200 baud rate is for icreate and 5000 series roomba ,not 4000 series ,check the sci manual
And there you have it, Straight from the horse's mouth.:)
been working on them for a few years,also i sell them with modifications ,like a deck and higher torque upgrade,and dual battery design,next is a better optical feedback design
great book for other updates and mods to roomba modes is HACKING ROOMBA by TOD E KURT

FROM reading the SCI manual i see some code may be missing ,no expert on coding but it may help
ser = serial.Serial(0, baudrate=19200,
# wake up robot
ser.setRTS (0)
time.sleep (0.1)
ser.setRTS (1)
time.sleep (2)
# pulse device-detect three times
for i in range (3):
ser.setRTS (0)
time.sleep (0.25)
ser.setRTS (1)
time.sleep (0.25

it seems you need to wake it up,another way is use the DD pin to GND
The OSMO hacker units are no longer available from ProTechRobotics.com The 4XX and 4XXX, Dirt Dog, and the Create model robots from iRobot have a min din 7-pin interface the operates at 57,600 by default. The 5XX, 6XX, and 7XX models robots from iRobot also have the same 7 pin mini din connector and the default data rate is 115,200. There are two different .pdf documents provided by iRobot that define the commands that can be sent to the robot depending whether they are an R2 or R3 robot. R2 being the 4XX, 4XXX, Dirt Dog, and Create.

More info about some hacks, and mods for you iRobot robot can be found here:

Robot-Doc website

vic7767 website
I got lucky to get my early,getting ready to put a roomba /neato hack site too with a lot of info my my roomba designs and neato hacks, with schematics and how to build them easy

thats correct ROBOT-DOC what you said on the baud rate,i am thinking it may be one of 2 things wrong,one the code is missing info ,most likely or he needs to set it at 19200,witch the pdf i posted tell him how to do it,also can be done by software i think too

I dont know what baud rate DJ is using for is roomba movement control,i would think its 57600 baudrate,since he has no changes done to changing the baudrate

SO i think the start serial command might need a change to wake it from sleep or another data missing or DD pin to ground does help too

Hvent yet tried the SCI COMMANDS,but will be working on it soonand will have a good answer unless another person might have it

look at the python code i posted for help,its from the SCI PDF FILE i have a link too
EZ-Forum Thank You's 28-Jan-2013

Monday, 28 January 2013

Thank You All for your prompt replys and interest in my "Learning to Script" !

I am hoping to learn a way to Email each you individually via you EZ-Robot Forum

UserNames ?

dschulpius, you were my very first EZ-Forum Reply, and reminded me to use

more care with the # when trying to temporarily prevent a single line of script from

executing. I can't wait to meet your Robot in person !

Has anyone used ScriptStop sucessfully, without geting an Error ?

robotmaker, I purchased a Second Remote Control and Cable for my Roomba

Discovery, so that it would function like my old Roomba Scheduler. The update

worked as descriped in the iRobot Remote Manual, and the Upgrade works and

Schedules, BUT I can no longer communicate with THAT Roomba using

RealTerm or RoombaComm; It Locked Me Out !

robotmaker, your "it seems you need to wake it up,another way is use the DD pin

to GND" prompted me to make a Second Serial Cable, and it Wakes Up the

Roomba from Sleep or OFF by just plugging it into the Serial Port with the other

end unconnected.

Robot-Doc, I like your two Websites, and can't wait for you to Hack a Mint-4200 !

Attached are two of my favorite Roomba Repair Manuals !

DougPope@cox.net, 602-246-1246(H)iRobotRoomba400-SeriesServiceManual.zipRoomba-500-Series-Service-Manual.zip
DOUG i will send you a email so you will have mine
SECOND i have tried as many others tried hack a mint 4200 ,so far none done yet

Wanted to use the mint 4200 LASER navigation sensor,but now i found a much better LIDAR LASER SENSOR from neato xv-11 ,there many hack sites on using it ,some for ROS linux and API codes for it for windows
I sold over 7 so far and have about 20 new ones left
Dont really like the roomba 500 series mostly too high of cost for robot designs
Like robotmaker mentioned, the Mint 4200 hack will take awhile. I've already turned a Mint 5200 into a door stop. I've ordered a sniffer from sparkfun.com to try a different approach on the 4200. Now that iRobot owns the company maybe they'll open it up for us hackers. Then the EZ-B can talk to it.
also i have the service manual for 4200 series,same as yours
but i found the schematic that someone reverse engineer it
also i am electrical engineer,my field is mostly sensors and build ultra high precision test equipment for a company i work for ,for in-house testers
I know and tested almost every sensor made
lucky i got my money back when i re-sold it,it there is hacker who can get it working great

Also info on it the torque is not as high as the neato xv-11 ,and can easy access the serial pins on it for bluetooth or WIFI its been done before ,and mostly cheaper then the mint if bought used

I mostly got it to see if the laser sensor can be removed and has TTL connection it doesnt.neato lidar does
SOME info on the ICREATE verses ROOMBA 4200 ,mostly the boardds are about the same on they aded some extra pins to the icreate.

BUT paying more for it too,liitle over $200 i bought 3 for robots not using EZB for them.

Now on roomba 4200 series you can make kinda close to the icreate,when side motor ,brush motor and vacuum motor is remove you have i high side and 2 low side sw itches to turn on the sensor or motors or web camera or kinect like on the TURTLEBOT design,only a few ports are missing.

Also there is the dirt sensor ouput can be used.

Good item for robots is the price about $40 or so on ebay,can handle up to 35 to 45 lbs
if with motor design mod i made handles about 80 lbs
so it the best choice for robots
Thursday, 31 January 2013

Good Morning EZ-Robot EZ-Script Debuggers !

Thank You All for your Generous Assistance ! SendSerial WORKS GREAT when I follow the SYNTAX !

I was neglecting to place COMMAS after the SerialData Bytes.

EZ-Robot can make it Fool Proof, but they can't make it DAMM FOOL PROOF !

I used this as a source for the SendSerial Drive Commands in the Custom Movement Panel.

#SendSerial(D0,57600, ? )
Now it's time to learn to use the Varible Name: $SlideValue to slow it down ?

DougPope@cox.net, 602-246-1246(H)
Thats great Doug glad you got it working,mostly every scripts are easy even for non-programmers
@Robotmaker: I'm having a roomba problem too lol. I just bought a roomba 4230 blue, 9-29-2005, ver 1707 software. I read through the service pdf for the revisions, turns out I need 1308 to use the sci. damn, missed it by a month. I was curious if the offer was still up to borrow your osmo for the e128, for a fee of course:D Scruffynorseman@yahoo.com
yes i can do that no problem,need serial # to see if blue OSMO OR BLACK (SMOKE) OSMO IS NEEDED
Sure thing, its JEN042300509260300551, has a barcode as well.
ok thats the BLUE OSMO hacker,will send a email to get your address
been about 7 months since i used it and still ok,need to find what box i put it in,

WHEN I GOT it ,i did all 30 of my roomba's at one time
Monday, 4 February 2013

Good Evening OSMO People ! Thank You Robot-Doc !

This past weekend Edgar Vickery aka. Robot-Doc mailed me BOTH the Teal and Black OSMO's, after hearing my problems accessing the iRobot Roomba Open Interfaces.

I have two Roomba 400-Series Discovery Models that look IDENTICAL, but one has the ASCII Sticker Serial Number, and the other has the Bar Code Serial Number.

After filling in Appendix-B, Page-49, of the iRobot Roomba 400-Series Service Manual.pdf, with BOTH of my Serial Numbers, it determined that I need the Teal OSMO for both of them.

I verified Serial Communication to both of them using Create., and saved the Data Capture to a Notepad File for each Roomba.

Then, using #2 RoombaCommTest.bat, I verified Motion, Motors Brush & Vacuum, MUSIC, and Sensor Data ! I have been wanting to accomplish that since 1-Jan-2013, the day I purchase three Roomba's at Craig's List Sales.

MOST IMPORTANT, They ALL Work GREAT with DJ's ARC Roomba Example ! ! !

I also purchased from Ed, 3-Arm Side-Brushes and TO_220 Battery Charger Transistors, for all three of my Roomba's, just in case of the worst.

I would like to PURCHASE A Set of OSMO's, All Models & Colors, for the kids at the local High School Robotics Club.

Thank You All & Best Wishes, "Still Looking For Someone To Colaborate On EZ-Script Basic Examples",

DougPope@cox.net, 602-246-1246(H)





OSMO might be hard to find at any color,they dont make them any more
and ones who have them are like gold to them.

But dont give up,maybe ebay might have them up for sale
i do have well over 30 roomba's for sale ,without any vacuum parts inside and with or with a round deck on top too.

User-inserted image

i made changes on the brackets and does have a plate for it

User-inserted image

this one is the deck mounted with the itx board i have on it,its only the 12 inch round deck with standoffs under it and with screws
Wires you see are for a second battery and auto switching relay circuit for charging the batteries

Also some are modified for a stronger motor for bigger loads
have the new firmware loaded,so no OSMO is needed
Also bought many many pcb's for roomba 4200 series
FRED at jamericanfreddy@yahoo.com or roboticsdesigner@yahoo.com