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El Salvador
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Help With Sdk!

Hello friends I want to know how can I use the EZ_SDK in Free Software (Linux), I have a project and I want to migrate to Linux, I hope your help!


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You need to be running on a Windows based system to be able to use the EZ_SDK. It states this under the download SDK option "* Requires Microsoft Windows 7 or Windows 8".

The SDK is based on .Net framework. This frame work is only designed and supported to work with Windows OS. If you do some research you will find a program called "Mono" that can somewhat run .Net code on a Linux system. http://www.mono-project.com/Main_Page In my opinion you will not find it very helpful.
Only Windows, Sorry...

@JustinRatliff is right...

You can run some code of .NET on "MONO" in Linux... but it is not going to work with EZ-SDK... Because EZ-SDK uses some libraries that only can run on Windows...

Sometime ago, if you search in the forum, a user could use EZ-Board with linux... but it was very difficult (for me).. I recommend you to use Windows..
An added thought here to the topic. With the release of the Android version of EZ-Build it "might" be possible to run a virtual Android OS within Linux (or Windows for that matter if needed to do so for testing) and with in the virtual Android install and run the Android version of the ARC software. And remember that is not the same as the SDK, but you might find it handy to try.

This site explains how you could setup a virtual Android OS: http://askubuntu.com/questions/290845/how-to-run-an-android-emulator-in-ubuntu-13-04 I have never tried this. This one covers Ubuntu, but if you do an internet search for your version of Linux you might find something similar.
South Africa

I have the same predicament but unfortunately the EZ_B.dll file heavily depends on the following DLLs:

EZ-B Specific DLLs:

.NET Framework / Windows DLLs:
Presentation Core

Most aspects of the EZ-B board aren't heavily coupled to Windows, but the speech functionality is. It uses the System.Speech library extensively.

Also, many of the EZ_B library code could be ported to Mono.NET, but this is an activity that needs to be done by DJ Sures as he ultimately owns the source code and the protocol. The only replacement (or maybe sacrifice) then would need to be the Speech which would need to be substituted with an equivalent BSD license library that provides similar functionality.

Fortunately I can overcome this problem by running an ESB (enterprise server bus) architecture whereby I forward communication requests from my Linux server over a common communication layer to the EZ-B server/host.

But, the EZ-B server host still requires either Windows or Android running.

Once I get my hands on my pre-order I will definitely start my Linux project however:)
What everyone is saying is correct... If you want to use the benefit of the sdk, you will need windows operating system. We do that because anyone running Linux will be more technically inclined to incorporate opencv and ROS with our hardware. Generally, if you use Linux then you're a c developer and have that ability. Otherwise, it makes sense to save internal resources and limit the sdk to windows.

If you're not able to develop with c++, opencv and ROS with Linux... I would recommend installing windows and our community can help you achieve your goal:D

What are you looking to do? I will work with you to help:)
Many developers are having luck using MONO : here is a link http://www.mono-project.com/Main_Page
This is a asp.net wrapper for the linux system. and allows consumption of .net dll's on a linux system.
I have had developers using dll that i written with out issue. This does not mean this will work for you but only that is may be a way for you to get started.
Can you be specific on the qr code dll? Is it the qr code creating or qr code barcode reading sdk? I need a 2d barcode reading application to developer my own barcode reader to fulfill users' needs.