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how can i play soundfile and motionfile at desame time in script.

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Make two different scripts, one for each function and then call each from a third script using CC commands Is one very simple way.


hi dave

thanks for your respond.make two scripts i understand but am not familiar whit CC


@Nomad Why don't you just add what you want to the same script? Just insert your code to play the sound file at the point in the script where you want the file to be played to happen.

# play sound file
# next line do movement



just like in the pic ubove line 6 and 8 i want them to act same time. i just mounted the ping sensor on the roli on win8 thinking it work before. it will work here to.but he doesn seems to detect anything.


@nomad, Maybe make the sleep on line 7 shorter - like Sleep(50)


@nomad, for future info, "CC" = ControlCommand.


thank you robo-doc

Bhouston i try that.


i try them all whithout any luck.maybe i chould tell you that , CC line 6 is a AutoPosition whit sound in. i can play it separt,but not in the script.