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Help! Http Server Help!

Hello Everybody,

Im working on a project for school that envolves the use of the HTTP server. When I got the kit everything was working, but then I took it to school and tried to make it work there and it didn't. Now that I am back home and start the HTTP server....I go on my tablet to login, using the default "admin", and nothing shows up...However, when I go on my computer where the EZ-B v3 is connected it works fine..... PLEASE ANYONE HELP!

Thanks again! :D


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United Kingdom
Check your firewall settings.
Also check port forwarding on your router for remote access.
Check the settings are correct, you are using the correct port, password etc.

Post the project or a screen shot of the config.
are you connecting to the school computer with your home computer
or do you have 2 computers at home
I have the same problem with the server. It does not let me any access thru my phone or tablet, I turned off the firewall and did check the port forwarding and remote access and everything is right.
I used to connect without a problem before..... I don't know what is going on, there has to do something with the ARC server I guess..... .Does any one else have the same problem?
All tests work successfully over here:)

I would look into disabling the local firewall on your ARC computer. Or a virus scanner? Or maybe even your local router has app isolation enabled. On any office networked computer, you most likely have isolation enabled because it would be a security risk. In a school environment, i can almost say for certain that isolation is enabled.

There is also an option in Windows when it connects to a network regarding the access location. It asks if it is a home, work, public or private network. You can change that setting somewhere - sorry i don't know where off the top of my head:) Google will help!

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United Kingdom
Working fine here too...

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United Kingdom
To change between private, public & school it's in the Network and Sharing Center

Type in to explorer "Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Network and Sharing Center" without the quotes.

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United Kingdom
For remote access over the internet you will need port 80 open. Visit http://www.canyouseeme.org/ to check if it's open. If it isn't you will need to open it in your router configuration (all routers are different, read the manual. If you get stuck ask and let me know the router make, model, firmware version etc. and I'll see what I can find).
I checked the port 80 and it says the port is open, I also turned off all the firewalls and stuff in my computer but still is not working, I'm actually using my home internet connection. also my friend tried to connect using his computer and his network and It did not work for him either.......

*confused* I don't know what it is going on.
United Kingdom
Do you have anything else running which uses port 80? HTTP server for something else, teamviewer etc? You can change the port in the settings if that's the case.

A video is better than words:)

To access it just pop in your IP address followed by : then the port number.
Thanks, it is working now, for some reason the port 80, is in use by something else but I did not know it..... I was fustrated, Thanks again Rich :)
United Kingdom
don't forget to port forward whichever port you chose to the correct PC on your router settings. If you don't have a fixed IP using a DDNS service is also a great help.
Uh oh! If 80 is used by something else, that could mean a virus. Surprising, the ARC software checks if the port is used when enabling the http server. It will return an error if the port is in use.