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Hello Everyone, I Am New To This World.

I just wanted to say "Hello" and introduce myself. My name is Steve, but I go by stonewolf on here, I live in Plymouth, Indiana USA. I am new to the robotic world, but I have built and customized radio controlled 4x4 trucks. I ordered my first EZ-B v3 kit back in November, then I found out I had preordered the v4. I have read many of your ideas and responses and I have seen many of your robots and I am very impressed with the ideas and the advice. I am building a robot somewhat from scratch, but actually I am using 2 or 3 robots from the past to make one modern day robot. I cannot give much information away at this point in time, but I will tell you I am using a Rad 2.0 and a Robosapien and a Kinderbot, it is going to be very unique. As of right now everything is torn apart and I working on putting the body together and figuring out what I want my robot to do. I am also savaging parts from here and there as I go, buying things at antique shops and from ebay. I am very excited about v4 and I cannot wait to get started on bringing my robot to life. I just wanted to write in and introduce myself and well I will probably be asking questions in the near future. Once I get things figured out and together some, I will show you pictures of what I am creating. So once again Hello to everyone, I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Awesome New Year building your robots. I am very excited and cannot wait to see just what the v4 kit can do.

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Welcome! Can't wait to see your project in the new year!


Very different selection of bots! Can't wait to see what becomes of this.


Welcome and Merry Christmas! As you read through our forums, you'll see a wide spectrum of creativity and knowledge. Rest assured that someone may answer your question or give ideas to get you there.


Welcome friend. Can't wait to see how you merge those bots together.


Cool man , I love frankenbots, "using different parts from different bots" , welcome and please post some pics of what you have done in the projects section so it is easy to find.


Goodmorning :-} Merry Christmas to all of you and your families :-}


And get ready for a Happy New Year !