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Hello All!

My name is Louis, i just bought my very own EZ-Robot kit and im very excited to get it. Since i was little i have always dreamed of having the Johnny 5 robot featuring in an old film (what's the name of that film?). I'm not expecting to build me a fully functional Johnny 5 however the chance to be able to mess around building my own robot without knowing any kind of programming is just amazing enough. I'm thinking of starting out with the Wall-E/testbot project and get to know how the EZ software work first. I have built RC helicopter and have basic electronics experience so I'm hoping that in the future I will be able to build a Biped or a Hexapod using the EZ-B controller, would it be possible to achieve something like this Biped with the EZ-B without custom programming?

Glad to be here and see all the future robots coming!

Best regards, Louis


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Wellcome!!! And the name of the movie was Short Circuit...



Johnny how big will it be?......That will be a cool bot to build from scratch..... User-inserted image


Sorrry guys, that is not Johnny five. @ptt81 welcome and to answer your question yes you can do all of that and much much more with the EZ-B.


Thanks guys. I'm just starting out and I have no programming skill at all so I think i need start with something simple first to understand how EZ-B software works. What do you guys recommend for a first time robot/testbot?