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Hello All!

hello all

i'm ramon schepers, i live in the netherlands.

my nickname can look a little weird for people who don't know what cosplay is, but i want to keep my nickname like this~xD

i'm pretty interested in how an AI works, and how to bring something to life using a computer.
then i've stumbled upon this website when i was browsing for robot related things and thought: yeah, this is exactly what i need.:D

i've watched the website for a week or 2, and am planning to save some money to get myself an EZ-B kit with some extra parts (more servo's, small (car) battery's and extra cables + hbridge controller) for my first project.:)
(i've just spend some money on the hull of my first robot - or rather miniture lego battleship)

now i've finally registered my account.
and i hope to have a nice time here around~! ^^

(p.s. correct me if i'm posting some things wrong, my english isn't that good~)

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United Kingdom
Welcome to the site. And your English is fine.
Welcome! Can't wait to see what you have planned.
Welcome cosplay! Wait until Feb 1st - we are cutting our prices practically in half:D
(Ooops did I say that outloud? It's supposed to be a secret)

Looking forward to seeing what you create!
well, thank you all~ ^^
and DJ, that's some great *secret* news~!
(i'm making plans to order much more now~!:D )

and i'll post my project(s) soon in the project showcase, but i want my EZ-B kit first:)
which won't take much time from now~:D

besides, i've noticed i've made a misspelling in my registration email.. ^^;
already contacted support about it tho~

I fixed your email on the account for you. Normally Alan handles that, but I jumped in and chuck norris'd the DB like a cowboy for ya. Done!
That is quite a secret to let slip DJ! If accurate I will give up on my attempts to make an Android powered cellbot and just get a second EZ B and make my life a lot easier. (my current design is a fairly large main bot with a smaller 'drone' bot to go places the large one can't fit. I was looking at cellbot options for the drone, but without writing the software myself I couldn't have it control anything but wheels, and i want it to have a claw).

Hallo Ramon,

there are a few Dutch Folks on the side. besides myself i know of at least one more.

I'm in the US but the other guy is i the Netherlands. I just started myself and now wish i would have waited until Feb 1st *eek*

anyway good luck with your project and for sure post some pictures of the progress.

Welcome Ramon! Your going to have a blast! Please keep us updated on your projects and ask lots of questions. We all learn from each other.
I've just got my kit 2 weeks back. If I'd known, I too have waited until next month:(
Good news ... I need a second kit for another project :)
Eh, Ramon. Welcome to the club if you have any questions just ask there are a lot of great people here that are a great help.
@DJ, i still don't see any price difference.. so i'm still waiting with ordering~ ^^;
Welkom ! Je bent hier aan het juiste adres voor robotamusement !

Welcome to our group. It will be Fun and Educational to you.