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Heavy Duty Servos &Amp; Standard Mini Servo


Anybody know the equivalent brand and model of the heavy duty servo and the standard mini servo available in the ez-robot store?

I would order from EZ-Robot but shipping + any duties to the US costs more than the servo!


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What ever happened to NAFTA? Free trade my @##! I'm in the same boat myself. I'm going to want a couple more servos in the next few weeks I just haven't started the research yet. There are a few brand names I've seen floating around but they escape me. I'm sure a forum search will turn up something.


Me too, the shipping cost kills me, to bad they don't have USPS flat rate. I found equivalent servos from servo city.



Yah but I don't know which ones compare to the Heavy duty and standard mini servos in the store! Which one do I get!?!?!


So no word from anyone regarding which brand and model would compare to the ones in the store?

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I think they are futaba servos. But I'm kinda sold on Tower Pro servos now (after a fair amount of wasted time and money on cheaper alternatives that didn't work well).


Do you know what model number would compare to the heavy duty servo? And to the standard mini servo?

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Have a look at this topic. I've only scanned over it quickly so have very little idea of what's in it other than the rebranded Futaba servos.


Ez Robot standard servos are Private labeled Futuba S3003 servos. 61 oz in torque. 90 degree range, They are a good general use servo and are 180 degree capable with a servo stretcher or appropriate input signal.


What about the heavy duty and standard mini servo!?


The heavy duty is a analog tower pro metal gear servo. Its VERY strong. Its specs from the manufacturer claim it can accept up to 8.4 volts but torque ratings are measured at 4.8 volts. 13kg stall @ 4.8 15kg stall @ 6.0 Around 19kg best @ 8.4

Here's this servo on 12 volts :)

The only downside of the 995 is resolution ( not as many positions as the digital version) and centering. Its great for general personal robotics use


I was told by EZ-Robot that the heavy duty servos can be powered by the EZ-B itself. I want to make JD the Revolution robot sometime soon so I am getting prepared to buy the right components. I can wait till more tutorial videos about EZ-Bits and JD the robot.


@ feroze. The high torque servos can be powered by ezb but the ezb has a 5amp regulator and it will get hot running several servos. "IF" it gets too hot power to servos will drop out and act weird. So you may want to consider external power for the servos but you can try it direct through ezb first if you like.


alright cool I can find tower pro 995 for the standard heavy duty servo, but does anyone know the model for the standard mini servo available in the store?

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If you buy them from anywhere else be careful, I was sold a few counterfeit tower pro MG995s. There are a lot of them about on ebay so if the price looks too good to be true it probably is.


Search for hextronics micro servo.


Ah something like this right?

Great now I can buy the servo's I need for JD! JD uses the tower pro 995mg servo and the hextronic all metal mini servo

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I'd assume you could also use Tower Pro MG90s for the mini servos since they are pretty much the same size. (I like Tower Pro, they were what worked in Melvin's arms when others didn't).


Yup that looks right ! I wanna print some bots soon.