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United Kingdom
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Heavy Duty Servos


What make/model are the heavy duty servos used in the hexapod six.

I want to purchase the EZ-B v4 WiFi Robot Controller and create the EZ-bits via a 3DP if possible,
and wondering if I can use the 'Tower Pro MG996' heavy duty servos, which I have already.



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United Kingdom
As far as I'm aware all revolution robots use the EZ-Bit servo brackets which require the mounting tabs to be cut off anyway so I would say that most HD servos will fit.
United Kingdom
Thanks Rich,

But it depends on the size, I've had issues with servo before when building Hexapods.

Used the Tower Pro MG996 before, in place of the Hitec ones and had to modify them!

United Kingdom
There are servo placeholders in the EZ-Bits, you may be able to use those and check the measurements against the MG995s.

Either that or wait a few weeks for the first batch of Revolution robots to begin shipping and one of us can measure accurately. Although EZ-Robot's may chime in and give the exact sizes etc.
United Kingdom
Thanks Anthony.

I have the MG996, but just checked and are identical to the MG995's, just a updated version.

One concern is the LiPo Battery 7.4VDC 1300mAh battery, and how long that actually lasts between recharges,
given on complex moves of a hexapod with 12 DOF's (12 servos ) can draw several Amps peak.

May be someone from EZ Robots can answer that?

Hey @cem

We are getting about 30-45 mins run time with Six before it needs recharging. The more breaks you take between movements the longer the battery will last. The nice thing is that recharging only takes about 1.5 hours.