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Heathkit Hero Jr + Ez Board

Hello all,

New member here!

I just acquired a working Hero Jr and was wondering whats would be the best way to connect an EZ-B 4 to it?



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You may not like the answer... but sadly you need to gut the whole thing... leaving just the drive motors... But the good news is you can then throw in an ezb4, camera and an H-bridge motor controller and watch it come alive...:)
Check out my Moshi project from my user page.It is a Hero jr model with ezb4.
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Hey Richard,

Thanks for the quick response!

So, I would basically have to replace all the sensors (sonar, light, IR) with new ones and just keep the one motor and control everything with the EZ-B?
Hey rb550f,

You're quite the robot connoisseur! You have some really great projects there!

I was thinking of using the VEX myself but once I found the EZ-Robot site I changed my plans.;) I also bought mine thinking of just using the shell but I put in a LiPo from one of my drones and viola, it started doing it's self test and works great. Do you have a more detailed write up anywhere?
Hey DJ,

Thanks! I'm jealous too, you have a great product here and an awesome company!

I'm a Sysadmin at a small K-8th school here in Miami and they want to implement a robotics program for next year, I will definitely mention your product to them.
Appreciate that! Looking forward to seeing you robot build
I wanted to find an old Hero 1 but had no luck finding any on ebay,also tried to find an old RB5X which I dreamed of owning as a little kid,no luck finding. :( The RB website does look like it still sells part of the main body and motor with a few other parts so there is hope!
These vintage robots rock! You guys got lucky finding those...:D