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Head Position

I have a small issue with JD's head position. If I slide it all the way into the bracket, it won't somersault. I can get him to somersault if I pull it towards the back, but there is no way to keep it secure. Is there a way to position the head in the bracket securely?


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Doesn't sound like the neck servo is calibrated with a fine tune servo profile. Create a servo profile so your JD head is perfect in the up-right position. Also, summersault only works on non-carpeted material. Here is a link to creating a servo profile:


Thanks, but I have been playing with the servo positions for weeks. The head on my JD is just too far forward when slid all the way into the connection with the body. He can't get his head far enough under his body (headstand the same) and he falls backwards when he tries to lift his legs. When I pull it back, it works, but the connection is not secure and either the head falls off or it moves back the forward position and the summersault fails. I was hoping for an answer that doesn't involve stuffing something into the tracks to keep it positioned since then the head is not secure.


I’ve never experienced what I think I understand what you’re saying... Is that the head disconnects during head stand? As in the plastic doesn’t hold the head and it slides out? You can Contact Us and send your jd back for replacement if it’s still within warranty time frame. Otherwise, ensure the servo profile has the head aligned vertically straight up and down

Also, keep in mind that the arms have a significant role in summersault. Ensure the arm servo profiles have the shoulders set correctly. The arms should be straight out and flat.

If you’d like to post a picture of your robot in alignment, we can help you. The above link and video really helps as well.


It's not that the head slips out, it is that when slid all the way in, the head is too far forward to do the summersault. when I pull it back slightly, it works but the head is no longer secure.


The head of jd should be properly secured by pushing it all the way into the connection.

If jd is not performing a summersault correctly, l the arms or head are not calibrated with a servo fine tune profile. Here’s the tutorial for fine tuning the servos:

If you require assistance with the tutorial, please post a photo of your robot in the standing position, after the servo profile is loaded. We can tell you if the servos joints have been correctly aligned.

Have fun!


I have played with the calibration endlessly. It is not the problem. When in the proper (locked ) position, JD's head is unable to get below his center of gravity so that instead of standing on his head, he falls on his stomach. If I move the head back from the locked position, he is able to do the summersault. The problem is that the head is not secure now. I have tried playing with the calibration, but it doesn't seem to work. If you have specific suggestions, I would love to hear them. WM


I solved it by putting a small shim in the slot and using a bit of glue to secure the head. Not the ideal solution, but it works